NouKome Review — B-


Our hero has to make choices assigned from God out of a galge game. The results are disastrous. And all his classmates are insane.

This sounds like your typical harem setup. But it’s actually self-aware and really amusing. The show has a great sense of humor. The choices are hilarious and the girls are all nuts.


For example, there is one girl who is the little sister character common to such anime, who calls the main character “onii-chan”. Except it’s not just him. She has an army of onii-chans. And somehow she ends up in a swimsuit wrestling fight with another girl who has an army of masochists. And the whole battle is a parody of Fate / Zero. As you can see, the fanservice is very creative.

My biggest complaint is what they did with White. White was awesome. Best girl. By far. She could diss like nobody else. But then they decided she was actually cutesy and innocent, and when she was alone she’d turn bright and cheery eyed and the pitch of her voice would rise two octaves. So obnoxious.

Also, in one of the more amusing episodes, Chocolat transformed from an idiot into the perfect, submissive girlfriend. And my goodness was she obnoxious. I’ve always hated those kinds of characters and this helped me realize why.


The ending was a big let down. But hey, what do you expect. Resolution in a harem? Hahaha.

  • Storytelling – B – Hilarious.
  • Voice – B – Fast-paced, ridiculous, with a consistently good sense of humor.
  • Characters – C – Main character didn’t have much of a personality (hey, it’s a harem, he can’t) but he did have some passion, and his striving against the rules and the ridiculous situations he found him in made him likable. The rest of the cast were mostly built for jokes, but they were funny jokes so it’s okay.
  • Attention Grab – A – Honestly this was one of the series I looked forward to most each week.
  • Production – B – Looks fine.
  • Overall – B-

RecommendationsKore wa Zombie Desu ka, Date A Live, HenNeko

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