Oda Nobuna no Yabou 10 — Retreat!

Oops! Saru and Nobuna are both dead! Well, considering the show isn’t over yet I’m not that worried.

Mitsuhide continues to be too cute.

She’s a vast improvement over Saru’s harem of lolis, at the very least. Saru is clearly a pedophile. He has the ingredients to construct a much better harem than this…

One trap wasn’t enough, so now we have two and they’ve married each other! I have to confess that I did not see this one coming. If you’re going to have traps, I think surprises like this are the way to do it.

Saru using his cell phone as a parting gift to Nobuna was hilarious. As if that wasn’t enough, he turned it into a family heirloom:

Technically true, I suppose. Just like his dad bought him his underwear.

I also like how Saru’s presence has actually changed Nobuna and the course of history. Now that Saru saved everyone’s life, she is afraid of letting people die. So she would rather surrender than risk losing anyone in the rear guard. In other shows like this, the progress of history is unstoppable and unchangeable. But here Saru isn’t just an observer, is actions make a difference.

But it is odd how Nobuna can fight at all with that kind of attitude. This is a war, right? People tend to die in wars.

For a tiny bit of history, the retreat at Kanegasaki is a historical even which was led by Hideyoshi. He survived, so that is why Saru seemed confident that he could pull this off. This makes it even more amusing how he’s acting brave when all the girls are crying over his impending death. Taking advantage of the situation, are we?

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