One Week Friends — First Impressions


A boy wants to be friends with his classmate. But she loses her memories every Monday.

Another show that’s off to a great start. Reminds me a bit of ef: memories eyepatch girl for obvious reasons. And Kokoro Connect. Memory loss tends to be an admittedly weird way to develop characters, but it works quite well, since we get to see the characters viewing each others’ actions with fresh eyes multiple times.


These two characters have good chemistry. They’re both awkward loners. I mean, who actually goes right out and asks someone to be friends with them? And who would actually answer by saying no?

It’s funny how they are too embarrassed to even go to a crepe shop or to karaoke together. Oh, to be young again…


The one side character we’ve seen so far is great too. Also down to earth like his friend. Not the typical crazy about girls male sidekick. The guy actually has a sense of humor too.

Also, love the animation. Am very excited about this one. Will probably blog but wow there are a  lot of good shows this season.

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