PSYCHO PASS 07 — No Reason to Live

So with the Psycho Pass and the means to control stress, people no longer have a reason to live.

I think the idea of the Psycho Pass is as twisted as the next guy, but I don’t really buy this line of reasoning. Psycho Pass doesn’t eliminate stress, it just controls it and keeps it at manageable levels. People still have jobs, vocations and goals. I don’t really see how in this respect the world of Psycho Pass differs much from our own.

In our world, the vast majority of people manage their stress and emotions well enough so that they don’t have any desire to commit crimes. Does this mean that they don’t have a reason to live and are just going to keel over and die?

Given PSYCHO PASS’s unique premise, I would have hoped they’d focus more on the ethical questions that actually matter and would be different in such a world, particularly the ethics of preemptive crime prevention and the reduction of human choice. I don’t find this “elimination” of stress and meanings of life particularly valid or meaningful though.

Also, if these guys just want to shake up society, why do they have to murder people to do it? That isn’t going to make people realize any of these so-called “lofty” ideals these people are aiming for. It’s just going to make everyone afraid of murderers. Why not screw up the holographs in non-violent ways, so that people would actually understand what you’re trying to say? I mean, not even the entirety of the police force has understood the message you’re trying to spread with your current method.

PSYCHO PASS is not Moe

PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

Further Thoughts

One of the benefits of living in the future: there are better things than pillows to punch.

She’s totally checking him out.

2 thoughts on “PSYCHO PASS 07 — No Reason to Live

  1. Re stress: As I understand Psycho Pass’ society is overdoing stress reduction like putting everyone on antidepressants. It seems to me that an increasingly complex and stressful society tends to use increasingly strong counteragents (like said antidepressants (or anime ;-). Walking the same direction for another 100 years I could well imagine that stress levels would be so high under unremedied circumstances that stress must be eliminated completely to keep society going.

    Re Tsunemori checking out Kougami: She’s so cute! It looks like: “First time I’m seeing a guy undressed!” (Admittedly Kougami is a particularly attractive example!)

    1. You’re right, it seems an awful lot like these “superviruses”. After using antibiotics for so many diseases, the viruses that survive are developing immunity to the anti-biotics. Here, as techniques are developed to counteract stress, the people continue to build up stress up to the limit that their techniques for dealing with stress are effective.

      And yeah, checking out Kougami was pretty cute.

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