PSYCHO PASS 10 + 11 — Faith and Judgement

The cyborg hunter arc goes out with a bang (well, more like a cut).



When Kougami is sent away on the subway, Gino immediately jumps to the conclusion that he has betrayed them. Of course, this never even crosses Akane’s mind.

psycho_pass_10_3Akane has faith. This is the main difference between her and Gino. She believes in people. Earlier, she believed that the woman with the high psycho pass reading wouldn’t commit a crime. She was right. Now she believes in Kougami.

This act of faith goes against the entire fabric of the society she lives in. In the world of Psycho Pass, criminals are shot on sight. There is no room for faith in such a world. Akane is living in rebellion.


But her rebellious nature is contagious. The other enforcers also believe in Kogami.


And although he claims otherwise, in the end so does Gino. Because of what happened before to his father and to Kogami, he forces himself to doubt. But when Kogami gets through on the radio, Gino isn’t surprised. In the end, he believed in Kogami all along. And it’s Gino who’s the most desperately worried about Kogami. He’s so desperate he sounds out all of their drones to search randomly.

Mechanized Judgement


I’m pretty sure the Sibyl system has a bug somewhere.


Here we get back to the central issue with the Sibyl system— the system does not judge people based on their actions. It judges people based on its own predictions. Which are often wrong. In the first episode, the victim’s hue was clouded and she was slated for enforcement action. Now, this man is clearly a criminal, and yet he is deemed innocent by the system. People shouldn’t be judged on what they have the potential to do, but based on their actions.

psycho_pass_11_3When the police fire the dominators, they believe they are not making a choice. They are just doing what the machine says.

But the Sibyl system simply serves as an escape from responsibility. In the end, it is the humans who are responsible for their actions. Even if the directions are issued by a computer, it is the humans who execute them. Akane is equally responsible for the shots she takes with the dominator as for the shots she takes with the shotgun. Hopefully she will come to realize this.



PSYCHO PASS is not moe.


PSYCHO PASS is not moe.

Further Thoughts


Quite an awkward line to deliver to your love interest’s friend.


And this must be the best line of the show so far.

2 thoughts on “PSYCHO PASS 10 + 11 — Faith and Judgement

  1. I like how the director puts how wrong the Sibyl system is out in the open. Too bad about the sacrifice that was needed. I enjoyed her character design too.
    However, the more important thing is how this will affect Akane. Will her hue be finally tainted?

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