PSYCHO PASS 2 05 — It’s About Integrity in Videogame Journalism


Just when we were thinking things couldn’t get much more ridiculously escalated, the villain gets an army of killer robots controlled by video game players. Lol. Also he changes people’s faces and Akane is the one enforcer’s waifu.

The new version of badass Akane continues to rub people the wrong way.


Division 3 thinks she’s a pain in the ass. Her new companion inspector continues to try to undermine her. For her companion, Akane is goofing off and not going far enough, refusing to enforce the will of the Sibyl system. For her more experience colleages in Division 3, Akane tries to hard and creates extra work. She rubs them all wrong but in opposite ways.

The best scene of the episode:





Ahahahaha. What a perfect reaction.


I am getting to like the complaining inspector more though from her reaction to the murders. At least she does care about people, on some level…


Well and of course I like her for the wonderful lesbian shipping. That goes without saying.

This new season probably isn’t as thought provoking as the last (although really, the last one ended up being about a battle between a guy who pretentiously quoted Shakespeare and a bunch of brains in jars, so let’s not pretend it’s a big step down) but it certainly is very entertaining with all the silly twists and turns. The first season did have some of that (I remember especially that episode where people started murdering each other in the streets and were completely ignored by passerby) but this is getting way crazier. Personally, I love it when there are wild twists, but your mileage may vary.

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