Psycho Pass 2 07 — Bound by the Rules


This week, Akane accuses the Sibyl system of having too many limits on its own power…

Although I suppose it is a system bound by rules. It’s just that these rules make sense and are known only to the system itself. It’s not a dictatorship, it’s a technocracy where the people are ruled by technology.


By depending on the technology, the people are unable to function independently and make ethical judgments. When the system doesn’t even detect someone as a person, Akane and the rest of the society are unable to evaluate him. They can’t know whether his actions are good or evil and pass judgement on them without relying entirely on the system’s heuristics. Akane is politically radical in the world of Psycho Pass because she believes that some people the system passes judgement on shouldn’t be killed immediately, it might be better to wait a bit and see what happens.


It’s interesting how in her conversation with the chief, however, Akane acts like she’s opposed to lawless executions. Here she’s unhappy that the system wants her to kill this man. Yet how many more has she killed with the dominator without a second thought? The difference here is that she is pulling the trigger herself. The responsibility for the man’s death would lie squarely on her own shoulders. She wouldn’t be able to blame it on the system.


So Akane wants to “arrest him and bring him to rightful justice.” Just like all the other latent criminals she blew to smithereens with her dominator. *Eyeroll.* The difference to Akane is, that with the dominator in her hands, she is enforcing the law. Without the dominator validating her actions, it’s just murder. But really, what’s the difference? This is nothing but excuses for the sake of her own self-justification.

How is the death penalty in the our own world any different?

Further Thoughts


The scene with Akane’s grandmother was weird. Clearly they’re going to do something horrible to this woman later since they went to the trouble of introducing her in such an awkward way…


I’m not sure why the system would care whether it’s flawed or not…


Lol Akane is his onee-san now? That got awkward real fast…


And I forgot these two were lesbians… so disappointed that she’s cheating on Freckles…


So I guess Kamui is Anonymous… or something… with lots of organ transplants. Ok then…

10 thoughts on “Psycho Pass 2 07 — Bound by the Rules

  1. I wonder whether in fact there are many ‘Kirito Kamuis’, who just exchange holos. It would be kind of difficult for him to be in so many places. The guy would have to be busy with just hanging around as the person he’s impersonating 24/7.

    I still have no clue what’s Sybil’s purpose with the whole deal. The psychopathic brains couldn’t care less about people getting killed, but isn’t letting Kamui roam free undermining Sybil’s authority? There may come a point when the people would want to abolish the current system, because it failed to assure their safety? Is it to test what would happen to Akane’s hue if she kills somebody?
    Again, Akane comes off as a hypocrite, but it’s kind of expected given the environment in which they were all brought up. Sadly, she’s still as narrow-minded and unable to think outside of the box as in S1. Ironically so, because now she has a perfect excuse to go against the system (brains don’t give a shit about your safety!) AND gain massive support of the police force and the populace with the news of all Kamui’s shenanigans still being fresh. There couldn’t be a better Sybil enabler than Akane.

    1. They must be extremely well organized if they’re able to do that.

      I don’t understand why Sibyl doesn’t want to take care of him either. He’s upsetting the system quite a bit.

  2. Akane doesn’t think she committed murder when she blows people to chunks of meat because it’s Sybil’s decision.
    She forgot that she is still the one who presses the trigger.
    The dominator doesn’t fire by itself.

    She should just shoot Kirito without hesitation.
    Silly Akane.
    The chief doesn’t seem to mind that, too.
    To the chief, Kamui is just a ghost. Killing a ghost doesn’t make you a murderer.

  3. I don’t ever remember Akane not giving a second thought to killing someone with a Dominator though (unless I’ve forgotten). She’d even go as far as to stop Enforcers from blowing people up in S1. Akane: “If you had more time to think about it calmly, you would’ve tried not to shoot her too, right?” Kougami: “I don’t know…”.

    She’s always seemed ambivalent towards the lethal eliminator option and avid in her desire to pass final judgement through some kind of judicial process when possible.

    Sibyl doesn’t care to be defeated by ‘flaws’, which is why it supposedly recruits the minds of the likes of Makashima to evolve itself. Akane could implant Mika’s brain into the system to make it short circuit.

    1. Yeah, she is always trying to discourage people from using the lethal eliminator option. I suppose you could see this as an extension of that. But that also she means she wasn’t *that* reliabnt on the dominator in the first place. Yet she seems completely helpless without it.

  4. I’m trying to remember if Akane actually has ever killed anyone personally. I seem to recall that the Enforcers did just about all the killing in the first season, and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t killed anyone this season either. That being said, she’s never seemed that outraged by the execution of latent criminals, but maybe that’s because she recognizes how living within the system robs her colleagues of their free will.

  5. hey Draggle why are you not posting on twintails, i know you watch it and it seems so like your cup of tea! its on the same end of the spectrum as cross ange but different in its own way… TAIL ON!

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