PSYCHO PASS 2 Review — C


Akane continues to struggle with the Sibyl system.

I liked the first season a lot better, so you should watch that. But this season… the main problem is that intellectually, it makes no sense. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like the first season was a bastion of intelligent thinking and logic or anything, but this was just dumb. This season explores a critical problem of supercomputer brain colonies that rule humanity— how they aren’t equipped to judge entities composed of multiple brains such as themselves and therefore there’s a contradiction. They’re perfect otherwise, murdering people left and right justly, but this is a contradiction!!! The omnipotence paradox!!!

Seriously, this is the main theme of the season. It is unbelievably stupid.


Otherwise… some parts were rather entertaining. There were a bunch of ridiculous laugh-out-loud murder sprees, such as how the villain crowdsourced murdering the cops to a bunch of people controlling a chicken in a video game. The villain was kind of cool… or would have been if he’d been concerned about anything else other than this “omnipotence paradox.”


Also my lesbian ship didn’t pan out. Lame.

  • Storytelling – D – Thematically awful.
  • Voice – B – Still has a cool scenario I guess.
  • Characters – C – The mama’s boy was a joke, his mom completely destroyed the original setting of Sibyl as a monolithic entity, the new inspector barely did anything useful. None of the Enforcers had much of a role at all.
  • Attention Grab – B – Was not boring, I’ll give it that.
  • Production – B – Looked fine. Mostly.
  • Overall – C

Recommendations – Phantom, Darker than Black, Mouryou no Hako

3 thoughts on “PSYCHO PASS 2 Review — C

  1. Come on. Mouryou no Hako was rubbish with minimal amount of direction. It was nonsense tht pretended to be DEEP and sophisticated. Still its greatest crime is that was boring.

    Season 2 of Psycho Pass was not really needed. As compared with S1 the story it tells is insignificant. The status quo doesn’t change. The characters do not evolve. Mika and Tougane are one-dimensional in their evil and stupidity and are underdeveloped for key characters. Ubukata couldn’t recreate all the subversion and cynicism that made up the soul of S1. The amount of plotholes gives me a headache. Psycho Pass 2 still had some great moments but in the end it feels like not enough love was poured into its making.

    1. Whaaaat Mouryou no Hako was good, not boring at all, that episode where they sat around the table the whole time chatting about Mouryou was one of my favorites ever.

      Yeah, S2 was pretty dumb.

      1. Sure. If you enjoy meandering pointless monologues as exposition then it’s a series for you as there is basically little else. 80% of the series is yapping either in the room or in the car. The show was based on a book and they did a very poor job at adapting it. As it is, there was absolutely no point in making an anime out of it if the final product is still an audiobook with stills.

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