PSYCHO PASS — First Impression

Ok, this was my favorite first episode of the new season.

What an awesome concept. Computers can monitor people’s mental states, and determine if they will commit a crime.

We’ve already seen that these machines are not all they’re cracked up, to be, however— already a woman has been removed from the “kill” list due to the actions of our protagonist, with no crime committed.

I’m quite intrigued by the Enforcer squad as well. Despite being considered criminals by the system, they seem to be some of the most mentally stable people around. It appears that even the designers of this system may have some awareness of its shortcomings.

And this is definitely moe, regardless of what the animators are talking about at their meetings.

9 thoughts on “PSYCHO PASS — First Impression

  1. I think it’s the eyes. If anything, her eyes are the biggest in the series. But I do kind of get WHY she is “moe” so far with the idea of how higher education won’t help when experience in the real world does.

    Also, SAO Episode 14 and 15. We kind of miss your fanfics to the CORE.

    1. Sorry! I’ve caught up now… skipped 14 since Mr. Flawfinder did a good job, although I included part of the ending in 15.

  2. Sure, Psycho-Pass has an awesome concept, but the execution could use some serious work. I know that they have to explain the setting, but giving each character a monologue is not the way to do it. Why does Akane need this stuff explained to her anyway? I thought she was trained for all this.

    1. It doesn’t seem like she had any training, I thought it was her first day on the job. Seems like a bad way to start off your new police officers though…

  3. Agreed, it was pretty good! I’m always for the darker toned shows. The concept reminded me conspiciously of Minority Report. But then again isn’t Facebook already basically doing the same thing minus the guns?

    Re the visuals I like that the policegirl has this super pale face. She is cute indeed but at the same time slightly unsettling in my eyes.

    1. Facebook can’t really determine if you’re going to be a criminal, so it’s a bit different. She’s totally cute, I like the unsettling eyes combined with the straight hairstyle.

      1. Nor can sibyl system really determine if you’re going to be a criminal as evidenced by the victim woman’s score going back to safe level again!

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