Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry — First Impressions


I wonder whose bright idea it was to air the same episode twice in one day and give it two different names.


I have a soft sport for this genre of crappy fantasy, even though it’s crap. So I’ll keep watching.


It did give me some Mahouka vibes though…

8 thoughts on “Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry — First Impressions

  1. My thoughts exactly. This reminded me of a less offensive, slightly more interesting Mahouka…main character’s self-deprecation actually warmed me up a little to him (in contrast to Jesus!Tatsuya who I just wanted to stab him repeatedly with a fork).

    1. I would argue that Mahouka is more interesting, but probably not for the reasons people usually watch TV shows

  2. I have read all the manga chapters of this that are available. I think its fairly decent and it has a heart and I works that are like that a lot.

    1. Good to hear, guess it’s something to look forward to. Although if next episode is about Imouto I have my doubts…

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