Recorder to Randsell — First Impression

Does anyone actually watch these five minute shows? This one was about an “elementary schooler” who looks like a grown man. He worries about his recorder test for his music class, gets mistaken for a child molester on the way to school and is arrested.

Like the first episode of Morita-san wa Makuchi, this show looks like it will be a one-trick pony beating a single joke to death. But I’m not planning to stick around long enough to find out. I didn’t even crack a smile during the first episode. Dropped.

10 thoughts on “Recorder to Randsell — First Impression

  1. What this episode clearly had was what the plot to every episode will be, misunderstandings and police who are all too willing to take him in. And yes I dropped it too.

    1. When one episode is bad enough, why go through the trouble of repeating the same thing every week?

      And yes I dropped it too.

      You are an emperor of impeccable taste.

  2. Oh wow…this looks lame…I should delete my DL file! I bet they will run that joke into the ground so fast and you proved it with those screenshots….xD

  3. To be honest, I saw “five minutes” on the run time, and immediately decided I could find something better to do with five minutes once a week. (“Doing nothing” comes to mind)
    …maybe he wouldn’t have been arrested, if he wasn’t wearing a trenchcoat. Second only to windowless van in the list of things that tip you off to perverts/molesters.

    1. I was very tempted to just ignore this show as well, but I’m a completionist and felt I had to at least go through the motions of watching the first episode.

      1. I was feeling the same, but I’ll take your word for it and save myself the crippling eventually of having to finish if I watch the first episode. (Thanks OCD, thanks for making me do pointless things that will make me non-functional if they go undone)

  4. Oh come on, there’s no way they’re going to beat that dead horse for too long. i’m sure they’ll come up with other creative ideas (like 30 year old women hitting on him and stuff).

    Are all of the eps going to be this short?

    1. To clarify, I meant they would keep having people misinterpret his age, not that he would keep getting arrested. I think all the episodes will be this length.

      Have you seen Morita-san wa Mukuchi? It’s produced by the same people, and had the same five minute format. I managed to sit through the OVA of Morita, which was the length of a full episode. Someone would say something, this girl would think really hard about what to say for several minutes, and her silence would be misinterpreted, generally with lesbian overtones. Wash, rinse, repeat for twenty minutes straight. Same drill for the first regular episode, which was as far as I could get. These people have a history of taking a joke that wasn’t that funny to begin with and sucking it dry, which is why I’m not too optimistic for this show.

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