Rinne no Lagrange — First Impression

Xebec, keepin’ it classy, as always. This skirt was pulled off multiple times from the bodies of multiple people in one day.

The episode starts off with a girl, Madoka, staring at the ocean, saying “I hope we can be happy like this forever.” As soon as she says that, she sees a drowning boy, pulls her skirt down, and goes to rescue him. We never see the boy again. He exists only as an excuse for the girl to come to school in her swimsuit.

The villains are the corniest people imaginable: bishies walking around on the surface of the moon. We learn that Madoka has made a promise with a robot to unite their hearts as one. The whole premise makes me want to barf.

And Madoka is the type of character I can’t stand. She’s good at everything she does, is cheerful, eager and popular. She can even pilot a giant robot on her first try. In short, she’s a character who’s supposed to be loved by everyone (including the viewers) but is completely empty inside.

This show also had an awful sense of humor. The creators seem to think that girls pulling their skirts down are funny. The jokes are horribly timed too. Take for example the female lead shouting “This feels icky!” when the robot transforms. Ha ha ha. It’s not like I was taking anything seriously before that, but still, way to ruin the mood… The jokes weren’t even funny enough to merit a groan.

I’ll keep watching this— it does have giant robots after all— but my expectations are low.

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14 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange — First Impression

  1. Oh no! This makes me so, so sad to hear about the poorly done humor and flat character. I was extremely excited about this show because of the promo art and the fact that it reminded me a little bit of Xam’d. *sigh* I’ll still give it a try!

    1. It doesn’t appear to have much in common with Xam’d unfortunately. Still it’s worth a try! I thought the first episode of Last Exile: Fam had too much fanservice as well, so…

  2. Picking up EVA references everywhere… A girl thrusted into piloting a robot (mysteriously sharing a bond with her), fighting an A.T. field weiding alien out of nowhere… To be fair, the “key” in her butt is new.

    But other than EVA, the mahou shoujo transformation sequence in the OP? An alien offerring “a contract” to a girl to fight evil? The girl happens to be named “Madoka”? Not to mention her cousin was desparately trying to save her from this fate…

    Oh btw, Strike Witches send their regards…

    1. Yes, it’s certainly a derivative work. It so far appears to take the trappings of these shows, and glue them together with a cheerful and soulless girl who likes to pull her skirt down.

  3. Glad I’m not the only one who had trouble finding screenshots for this that weren’t grainy! One thing I never mentioned but I felt was worth mentioning here is just how awful the backgrounds are. Especially in Madoka’s classroom, there were more than a few parts with people frozen in awkward positions. It’s a small thing, but Lagrange is all about a ton of small things adding up.

    1. Yeah, only the webrip is out yet, that’s why the quality is so awful. I thought the backgrounds looked bad as well, but it’s hard for me to tell from such a low quality video so I’m loathe to comment. I remember I watched the streaming version of that Dantalian episode in the storybook and complained about the art, only to be blown away when I saw a higher quality version later.

  4. Great first episode I can’t wait to see the higher quality episodes, as for Madoka I always love those types of characters the crazy hyper ones! If you saw Star Driver Madoka is easily a female version of Takuto.

    Yeah this will be toloveru with mecha hahah but looking forward to more of this, now to wait and see if this will become another ZZZZ Guilty Crown…I sure hope it can be entertaining for some 😉

    1. I have seen Star Driver, but I don’t see Madoka becoming another Takuto. I liked Takuto, I can’t stand her. Takuto is cheerful, sure, but not obnoxiously so. He has a darker side as well, and doesn’t always shout the first thing that comes into his head. (unless it happens to be “it’s a pinch!”) Most importantly, he can actually be funny.

      This episode did remind me of Guilty Crown too though. An interesting setting wasted. I don’t hate Madoka nearly as much as Shuu though.

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