Rinne no Lagrange Review — C+

Three lesbians save the world with giant robots and the power of friendship.

This show’s a bit difficult for me to pin down my thoughts on. I will say I liked it, but there was nothing that really wowed me. The friendship between the three main characters was decent, but nothing special. The sci-fi plot was decent, but again, nothing all that memorable. The fighting in giant robots was utterly forgettable. Overall, the show was competently made, but simply didn’t do anything special to make me remember or love it.

The part I disliked the most would have to be Madoka, the main character. She’s ridiculously cheerful and optimistic, and that’s about all there is to her character. If I knew her in real life, I would punch her in the face.

The whole show is like that. Everyone just wants to be friends, but misunderstandings get in the way. Everything can be resolved through believing in people. I guess it’s a nice message and all, but I’m old, cynical and jaded.

  • Storytelling – D – Just lacks that special something.
  • Voice – C – Distinctively and perhaps disgustingly optimistic and cheerful.
  • Characters – C – I liked most of them, except for Madoka. The three bishies in the restaurant were also pretty bland.
  • Attention Grab – B – I couldn’t watch it as it came out, but marathoning it was manageable.
  • Production – B – Competent but nothing special.
  • Overall – C+

Recommendations – Mai-Hime, Star Driver, Simoun

12 thoughts on “Rinne no Lagrange Review — C+

  1. Blame Naivety! If I should say it once, I will say it again, “Naivety is a sin, because you see only the good in everyone and everything! And there are many bad people that will take full advantage of someone’s complete and utter innocence!”

  2. I don’t know what it is exactly about this show, but I kept watching it despite knowing that it just wasn’t very good. My feelings on Madoka weren’t as negative as yours, but I do understand where you’re coming from in terms of her optimism and energy; I guess those genki characters are just naturally appealing to me since they easily exhibit something that I really struggle with expressing myself. I also found the Vox visually appealing. And even if you found the show so-so, I bet you’ll think the Madoka nendoroid with her Aura model pretty adorable :p

  3. I think the first season try to show that being naive and all-cheerful is BAD, you can be cheerful but don’t be naive…
    Also, it try to show that Madoka being cheerful is her way to forget her horrible past, to ensure she won’t get hurt inside again…

    Yet, second season throw it all of this and make Madoka more naive and DUMB…

    Oh, one last thing: Don’t fight, Talk!
    The show clearly show that the best solution is done via talking, instead of blood-pumping fist action…

    Yet again, second season throw it out and make it into a horrible action that it the show mostly can’t handle well…

    1. I don’t know, they seem pretty naive in the second season as well… No one would ever accuse Madoka of being smart. But that naivety is part of the series charm, I think.

      1. That’s why I said they throw any character development in season 1 away (with exception that Lan and Muginami is close friend of Madoka) and make Madoka more naive and DUMB…

        Being naive is Madoka charm, but as the last five episode of the first season show, Madoka think about what choice she should make, listen to other people advice, seek for information, and no longer rush to conclusion…
        Very different from earlier Madoka who rush to fight when she think Villagio hurt Muginami…

        The second season has Madoka who carelessly sneak into Dezelmaine ship, using stupid costume, as she meets Yurikano without thinking any consequence of her action…

    2. I agree. The entire second season is nothing more than absolute poppycock. Especially Madoka being naïve and more stupid. I bet she slacks off of every last one of her school work just for her selfish ideals and for her stupid jersey club. Congrats Madoka Kyono, you’re officially worse than a useless whore because you don’t know anything about politics let alone proper etiquette. In other words, you’re the perfect example of a dumb and uncivilized barbarian. Everyone know this philosophical phrase, “remember peace at times of war, remember war at times of peace.” And Madoka’s naivety made her worse than useless after all as you can’t reason the unreasonable and the penalty for assaulting a political figure like a king is either life in prison or even death. I prefer Madoka Kyono sentenced to death for assaulting king villagulio and king dizelmine.

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