Robotics; Notes 06 — A Fisherman’s Dreams

Come on dad, your kid is building amazing robots. And you think he’s wasting his time because he should go fishing?

I mean, I get the controlling Asian parents thing. But usually they at least want their children to do something profitable, like becoming a doctor. But fishing? Engineering is going to make oodles more money. What’s dad’s problem?

Otherwise, this was a pretty boring episode even by Robotics; Notes’ standards. When are the crazy conspiracy theories going to start popping up? I’m getting tired already.

We did have a secret building emitting mysterious radio signals, which is probably some sort of numbers station. But this station is discovered by Imouto, so how am I supposed to take it seriously?\

Further Thoughts

Her reactions are starting to pass beyond dumb and cute to just plain dumb.

People filled with dreams and stuff… I’m getting all teary-eyed just thinking about it!

12 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 06 — A Fisherman’s Dreams

  1. Aww, I liked this episode. Actually, I am kind of enjoying the show in general. It is much better than what the first episode had me believe.

    But yeah….being a fisher….well, I guess his dad only sees robots as toys or something.

    To be honest, while I like the conspiracy stuff, I kind of don’t want it to delve into conspiracy drama especially with Akiho’s sister and stuff.

    1. I liked this episode too. Then the ending happened.

      That was a pretty serious drop in the quality of the plot and characters. It just seemed to come out of left field. Who the hell is so determined to make their child a fisherman?

  2. They should just start the main plot already!
    Will the sun burn out in the matter of years?
    Is it the end of humanity?
    Should we evacuate in Gundams?
    Stupid father should just die and fish at the Styx river.

    1. We can’t evacuate in Gundams, they’ve only built one and it isn’t finished yet. We’ll need to seduce more CEOs with lolis before we can afford more.

  3. So far this series indeed did not have the drive of Stein’s;Gate. That series had this incredibly good chemistry between some characters, in particular Okabe and Celeb17. R;N lacks such chemistry imo. At the same time Zetsuen no tempest seems to be gaining momentum. I wonder if I made the right choice by dropping Zetsuen and sticking w/ R;N.

    I like the fisherman, though. He has this down-to-earth blue collar aura. Maybe the last living person in R;N’s universe who’s not doing something fancy but some honest, down-to-earth job. His actions are hardly defensible, sure, but in a way I can understand that he feels stressed by having no successor. He may think his son looks own on his job.

    1. Steins; Gate did have much better chemistry. I think as we go on Robotics; Note may develop more on that— I think there is a lot of potential with both Akiho and the main guy and Frau and glasses guy. I’d say you made the right choice in sticking with this over Zetsuen no Tempest, that show is getting better but it’s still lots of random Shakespeare quotes.

      I guess the fisherman makes sense, it’s just strange that he isn’t willing to see any bigger ambitions his son might have. Usually parents would drag you into their career path if you don’t know what you want to do or aren’t up to the challenge of something greater, but not if you’re winning all these robotics competitions…

  4. Fisherman is a job with future. Fish gets increasingly scarce and prices will be rising. Also, most likely they receive lots of subsidies. On the other hand, there is no shortage of robotics researchers in Japan. So perhaps Subaru’s father is just caring for his son making an economically disadvantageous career choice 😉

    1. Haha you may be right. Japan has too many robotics researchers, not enough fishermen… Although you’d think he could just build a robot to catch fish and have the best of both worlds.

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