Robotics; Notes 21 — Confessions and Crying


It’s time to do something! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this time to finally come…

Bringing Tears to my Eyes


I thought all the crying about the loli was over. But noooo, it’s never over.


How many times as she died at this point? Come on guys. Think of something new. I was happy to see her go the first time, it’s not going to bring me to tears this time either. Although if she comes back again I think I will cry.

Villains with Deep, Complex Motivations


Why is Kimijima Kou such an evil bastard? Because he wants to complete the experiment. What is he testing? I don’t even known. Not sure he does either. Great villain.



I like Akiho a lot. I can see her going together well with Kai. But the way this show presented the confession? No. Just no.

What hint have we seen before this of Kai liking her? None whatsoever. I thought she had been pushed deep into friendzone territory. But no, it was supposedly obvious (according to Kai) that he was in love with her. If he loved her so much you’d think he’d have done something other than play videogames all the time when she was around.

Akiho liking Kai I can see more readily. Still, I would have thought the only thing she was interested in was robots. Either way, this confession scene came out of the blue, and consequently didn’t go over well with me.

Further Thoughts



You tell her, Frau.


Now THESE are some cool robots. Why do we need humanoid robots again? These things FLY. Why do you want legs when you can FLY?!!! Also there’s six of them working as a team, employing intelligent coordination, flying smoothly while avoiding obstacles, and obeying commands that are apparently delivered by voice. Yet our club, working at the frontiers of science, is building a remote controlled, legged vehicle? Laaaammmeee.

4 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes 21 — Confessions and Crying

  1. I am thinking to write an article to bash this episode, but haven’t got free time. The drones being one of the main reason. Those things fly without fumes or wings! They use anti gravitational technology! WTF. Since when this anime has such an advanced technology? What an ass pull. Next episode is the last too. All the hanging questions will never be answered.

    1. Haha yeah they never mentioned anti-gravitational technology before, which makes this strange. Seems especially odd when they could have easily just placed a few helicopter blades on top of each one.

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