Robotics; Notes — First Impression

As for the science, it may be negative.
However, do not forget the thing that there is a scientific side in all the one.
The important one is true.
of me the ruler of my fate, and me also the commander of my soul.

With Engrish like this, you know this is gonna be good.

It’s hard to say how this is going to turn out. The show so far wasn’t that engaging. It’s just a school life show centered around a robotics club. But I’m confident it won’t stay that way, seeing as how this is set in the same universe as Steins; Gate and Chaos; Head.

I do really like the female lead. Her excitement is catchy. I love her costume as well, with that toolbelt. She goes together well with the male lead.

I’ll probably blog this, seeing as how in real life I work with robots. Hopefully I’ll have things to say about that aspect of the show. I’ve heard this will involve the Illuminati as well, so I can always discuss that angle as well.

5 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes — First Impression

  1. Best series so far for me and I love the main girl already because she is hyper and really excited about her club work and GIANT ROBOTS are awesome!

    Ahhh yeah I remember having a twitter conversation about you working with robots IRL so I look forward to reading your posts ;D

  2. Oh, this is set in the same universe as Steins; Gate?? How can you tell?

    The girl has some Chitanda vibes w/ her enthusiasm I’d say. I like the belt as well, even though my focus is not on the tools: I think pleated skirts w/ belts look nice. If you are into girls w/ workwear you should take a second look at Kuramajo-san: The heroine constantly wears an overall!

    Cool that you’re working w/ robots (I know, you mentioned it before)! Androids? Lately I had the impression that robots somewhat came out of fashion (except for industrial uses and vacuum cleaning) and that the Japanese were the last ones doing research on them. I’d love to have an android at home!

    1. I knew it was the same universe from the semi-colon!

      Robots are actually making a lot of progress. There are robotic cars now, robots packaging things in warehouses, and more. It’s just the humanoid robots which no one cares about except Japan.

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