Rokka no Yuusha Review — A-


Six heroes are destined to defeat the demon king. Except there’s seven of them.

It’s a combination fantasy action show and mystery, with trying to figure out who the seventh is, who is trying to kill them all. Excellent action, great sense of humor, superb sense of mystery and setting up the cutthroat mood where friends will turn on a dime and try to kill each other.

My only disappointment was the ending. It feels like the story barely even started… And they ended by introducing a new character in the dumbest way possible.


Oh well. Great show overall. Really hope it gets a sequel. I’m almost tempted to read the light novel even, but I have the worst experience with those…

  • Storytelling – A – Excellent sense of mystery combined with bursts of adrenaline, they keep everyone wondering until the end.
  • Voice – A – Tons of backstabbing in a pretty unique fantasy world.
  • Characters – A – One of the show’s strongest points. They may not have the most depth, but the show puts them through such crazy situations that it really makes them shine even in their simplicity.
  • Attention Grab – A – Sitting on the edge of my seat for most of it.
  • Production – B – Looks good.
  • Overall – A-

Recommendations – Shingeki no Bahamut, Katanagatari

15 thoughts on “Rokka no Yuusha Review — A-

  1. So… overall X? Was that a mistake (forgot to change the template?) or did Rokka no Yuusha just break the standard letter categorization?

  2. My comment is kinda spoilerish, so be warned.
    The thing is, from what i heard, they are supposedly going to be seven/whatever-hunting till the very end (or at least till halfway to demon lord, where the last book seems to be now) at every volume’s end subtracting and adding some characters. And totally not the fake ones.
    Also there are rumors floating that nearly everyone from the current cast is a fake, except Adlet, dunno how true they are, but from how the things looking (aka author pulling who’s-da-real-fake from his ass mostly) it’s very likely to be true, unfortunately.
    I kinda liked the show though, esp the Adlet-Fremi chemistry, but incomplete and flawed logic at times made this less enjoyable, just like iamthestrongestintheworld catchphrase, and things going down to where they were at the end – which is kind of a cheap setting resetting – it’s stupid and screaming of a lack of new plot ideas (like really, that’s all you’ve got?).
    If you want, you can really call everyone a fake, but human beings with halfa working brains should have concluded that either new brave’s a traitor (i doubt they have an infinite braves source or they are instantly replaced on kill, regenerating a petal on everyone’s bodies every time) or something is really fishy and fucked up about all this thing, the only cause seems to be either author’s incompetence or some really (lame?) huge-ass twist, or maybe both. Not sure how should i feel about possible sequels, oh well…

    1. That sounds hilarious, if every single person is a fake. I’m honestly more tempted to read the novels now…

  3. I really like rokka no yuusha…the mistery in the story was really great…and for a fantasy story it seemed like something different…
    I inmediatly jumped to the novels… I couln’t resist the temptation after that ending…
    I thought…seriously again!? but if you read the novels there’s a reason behind that… 🙂

    1. How was the writing? Every other light novel I’ve tried to read has had a completely unreadable translation.

  4. this was a very good vn adaptation, they really got the pacing right; unfortunately they changed a bit a couple of characters, mostly the frog girl (who actually speaks a lot more in the vn, discussing seriously with the other characters) and, a little, hans, who in this adaptation has been toned down, in the vn he was much more of a thrill seeker, also the protagonist was still considered an idiot after this whole vicissitude by the other heroes, while here he actually sort of seems to be respected ( in the other, he was just slightly more trusted than the others).

    1. I think you mean the light novel? But interesting to hear how the characters differed. I kind of liked this version of the frog girl who didn’t talk except to try to kill people.

      1. Yes, wrong acronym sorry, I meant the light novel.
        About the frog girl, well even in the ln she has a similar attitude about things (=oh whatever let’s just kill them), she is just much more verbose about it, frequently discussing with the other characters, particularly hans and rikka (who doesn’t talk a lot more than she does in the anime, though).

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