Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Review — C+

They are very cute.

This was honestly pretty good, just not my genre as everyone has likely realized by now.

I spent most of the time watching this trying to figure out what the hell is going on with this religion. I still have absolutely no idea. The saints are identified while they’re still alive, the priests can fuck around with girls (I think?), and neither of them seem to actually have a job. No idea what their religion actually teaches.

Anyway, some cute fluff!

  • Storytelling – C – Cute but not much there.
  • Voice – C – Wish the world had a bit more depth.
  • Characters – B – Cute!
  • Attention Grab – B – I finished!
  • Production – B – Nice visual style.
  • Overall – C+

Recommendations – Spice and Wolf

One thought on “Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Review — C+

  1. Not sure the religion was really that important, more just a thin framing device, though it had me interested.

    Their job is probably just getting a stipend or such from the town, though I’m not entirely aware of the financial aspects for priests and ministers anyway IRL.

    “Saint” in Japanese would kind of be broader in nature versus a specifically Christian perspective where it does have constraints in place.

    I feel like they weren’t saying they could be in relationships of a romantic nature, though the ambiguity might be some of the appeal to the audience overall. But Cecilia’s feelings leaned more towards admiration and it could be applied to the other saint as well with HAzelita’s brother, though they have slight romantic tension in a way. The fact that saints in this world are often socially isolated means their perception of affection and such is probably way off kilter

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