Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojou Review — D


Panties aren’t powerful enough to solve all the problems we’ve got here.

Update: I’ve been informed that this show isn’t over yet. This is the saddest news I’ve heard all day. I just assume it was over because everyone confessed their love, they fought a duel of giant video game cat monsters, and there is nothing left to happen. Since I already wrote this, I’ll leave it up since I doubt anything will change my opinion (and I have doubts on whether I’ll actually end up finishing watching this if it’s twice the length of what I’ve already seen…).

Sakurasou follows the formula that’s made other harem shows successful. Our lead male suddenly finds himself living with a bunch of cute girls. Then he spends the rest of the show complaining about his bad luck.

The girls in the harem are, as usual, a bunch of freaks. The lead female, the titular “pet”, is incapable of dressing herself in the morning. Then we have a childhood-friend type, a lunatic that’s good at making anime, a crazy English girl, and even an imouto at some point. The “pet” is extremely annoying— why is having less brains than a two year old supposed to be attractive? I don’t get it.

What’s most frustrating about Sakurasou, however, is that it has the potential to be better. In the beginning it introduces some drama that could have been quite interesting, but then it all just fizzles out, devolving into platitudes such as “you’re you, you!” and “I’ll keep working hard!” Instead of developing these questions, it resorts to walking in on girls in the dressing room, antics with underwear and dressing girls up in costumes.


In the end, I lacked the patience to sit through Sakurasou due to a set of characters I despised, a poor sense of humor, overblown drama, and an insipid message.

  • Storytelling – D – Drama is over the top and not all that interesting.
  • Voice – F – Pretty generic.
  • Characters – F – I hate Shiina.
  • Attention Grab – D – Paid attention at the beginning, attention drifted by the end.
  • Production – C – Looks fine.
  • Overall – D

Recommendations – Love Hina

16 thoughts on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojou Review — D

  1. I guess I’m confused…I thought this show was still ongoing? It’s listed as 24 episodes, so I’m surprised that you’ve already graded it.

  2. I was interested and gave it a couple of episodes at first. But I guess my main problem with this show is that some of the elements… crazy characters specifically… really distracted me from enjoying it. Actually, I don’t mind crazy. But, craziness-just-because gets old really fast.

    1. Yeah, they were crazy just for the sake of being crazy. They didn’t make much out of it. They didn’t seem human enough, just crazy in one particular way.

  3. I thought that despite its cliches (Of which there were many), it is well written. Except for Episode 7. Pretend that episode didn’t exist and pretend Sorata is an only child.

    1. Sorry, by well written, I mean that it is better written then it should be. Especially, with a title like this.

      1. I’m under no illusion that this is the best anime ever, nor do I find all of the characters likable. Just want to make sure you guys don’t think I am crazy.

    2. The writings not bad, particularly in the earlier episodes. But what is the show trying to say? Just that you should try hard and be yourself? It all seems rather vapid to me

      1. Vapid may be too harsh. Definitely conventional, but like I said considering the series, much better than it should be. By the by, I agree with this series rubbing you the wrong way, but does it really have to be graded lower then Onii-chan Dakedo Ai?

        1. I found the jokes in Onii-ai entertaining at times, but I can’t really say the same of Sakurasou. Sakurasou had decent drama at the beginning, but it was ruined by where it went in the latter parts; with comedy, if it makes you laugh, nothing that comes later can ruin that.

    1. Pretty much. As Earthling said, there’s nothing wrong with being lunatics, but it’s craziness just for the sake of craziness which makes it worse.

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