Samurai Flamenco 04 — Flamenco Girl

Most anime get worse as time goes on. They start out with a great hook in the first episode and then fall to pieces as they continue.

But Samurai Flamenco seems to be the rare show that is the exact opposite. It only gets better as it continues.


This episode takes another leap forward with the introduction of Flamenco Girl. This girl is awesome. Her magic wand turns into a ball with spikes, and a taser. She enjoys kicking criminals in the nuts. She turns Hazama into her underling and goes off on an enormous crime(-prevention?) spree.


I’m starting to feel bad for the criminals now. But I’d like to point out the great comedic timing with which she kicks them in the nuts. Hazama goes running away from Goto and stands there, confused, for a few seconds. Then she runs off after them, while the camera stays in place. A second later she comes back, kicks the defenseless criminal in the nuts again, and runs off. The timing accentuates the relish with which she does this to make it all the funnier.


As another example of the show’s comedic timing, take the scene where where Goto, Hazama and Red Axe are hanging out at Hazama’s house. Hazama and Red Axe are screaming “Master!” and “Student!” at each other and over again. After they do this for a while, Goto wonders if Red Axe has just forgotten his student’s name. He’s probably right. Funniest part of the episode.


And now Samurai Girl has a crush on Goto. Definitely didn’t see that one coming.

2 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco 04 — Flamenco Girl

  1. The parallels with Kick Ass continue – now we have the violent, competent girl costumed hero who steals the show and makes the main character look like a pussy by comparison. I liked this a lot, I wonder if she’ll get to the point where she kills someone in the future. I get the feeling this is one of those “shit wildly spiralling out of control” kind of plots.

    1. It sounds like I need to watch Kick Ass. It feels at the moment like things are wildly spiraling out of control, but I imagine it’s going to tone down soon. Especially with how Flamenco Girl is in love with Goto.

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