Samurai Flamenco 05 — Breakup


What a tragedy. I’m sure both of them are going to go home and cry themselves to sleep tonight.

The reason? According to Flamenco Girl, because they have “different definitions of justice.” I’m pretty sure her definition of “justice” is having fun and beating the crap out of people, but maybe that’s just my imagination.


As things continue to escalate with Flamenco Girl (now she’s using explosives, and a police division has been assigned to deal with her) the world of reality becomes even more disappointing for Masayoshi. He manages to become an actor in a superhero show, but the director and the rest of the staff just want to do their jobs and don’t really care about superheroes. Concurrently, Gotoh is assigned to the division designed to catch Flamenco Girl and Samurai Flamenco, but learns that they are just listening to people’s complaints and then tossing them out.


Masayoshi receives a Samurai Flamenco costume from his grandfather. Grandfather’s last wish is apparently for Masayoshi to become Samurai Flamenco and bring justice to the world. Now we know where Masayoshi got his craziness from. We also learn that the Samurai represents dedication and discipline, and the flamenco passion. Flamenco Girl chose a good name as she has passion but very little else.

I’m wondering if Flamenco Girl’s friends are going to get roped into joining her.

4 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco 05 — Breakup

  1. “I’m wondering if Flamenco Girl’s friends are going to get roped into joining her.”

    Didn’t you watch the post credits scene?

  2. Draggle always turns off his video player whenever the ending songs start rolling, ha haha.
    I know there are a lot of comparisons, but Samurai Flamenco is actually better, you know, because it’s able to stay true to realism, to some extent. Kick-Ass movie ruined itself by introducing a super loli who can beat adults easily. They are not your average thugs too, they are trained bad guys from some evil organization. The realism had gone down the drain when that happened.

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