Samurai Flamenco 11 — Samurai Squad Flamengers



I thought the Guillotine Gorilla was an abrupt shift. Now this makes that look almost normal. This show sure does love to completely and unexpectedly change direction.


What are these new villains’ agenda? These guys like to play themselves up by even filming their own intro videos. Are they trying to entertain themselves and the earthlings? Because they don’t seem to be trying very hard to crush the Earth, and are more interested in fighting the superheroes.


I’m actually suspicious of Red Axe at the moment. How does he know so much about them, when (from what I gather) no one in the squad has actually fought before? I wonder if he set this all up for some entertainment.


He also has this line that he used twice in this episode after caught lying: “But it was a beautiful lie.” He seems very interested in things being beautiful. Which to him, I assume, means playing out like it would in a superhero show. Has he somehow created or helped the aliens to invade so he can have a beautiful enemy to fight?


I also like how the rest of the squad wants to be red. Everyone wants to be the leader. It kind of feels like a selling-out for Samurai Flamenco to join a squad, but I don’t know. I’ve never actually watched any super sentai stuff aside from a couple random episodes of power rangers here and there when I was a little kid.  Red Axe points out that Masayoshi was the only one of them who actually became a hero on his own. I wonder if it’s really something you can be recruited for.


Also the base is ridiculous. And why does the helicopter plane thing transform into a metro car…? I suppose the fact that it makes no sense is largely the point.


And this week’s villain… what a weirdo. We should probably note that this guy is based on an Octopus, and looks like he could easily be one of King Torture’s henchmen. King Torture got his technology from this organization— could this organization’s leaders also just be humans who were transformed?

10 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco 11 — Samurai Squad Flamengers

  1. I’m expecting Masayoshi will eventually go solo again or Goto will become the Sixth Ranger: The Silver Samurai Flamenco!

  2. It seems that this anime is really just another power rangers in the form of anime, considering that there are still three big bosses to be fought. Where did all the character development go? Who is Goto’s girlfriend? Will she ever be revealed? I am so disappointed. Dropped. I have no intention to watch more of this mockery. Unless the anime blogosphere explodes once again and states that this anime is worth watching once again.

  3. Everything is so suspicious in this show. Seems like everyone is in a conspiracy to turn the main character into a hero. His grand father is behind all this! Because of his obsession with Samurai Flamenco!

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if his grandfather faked his own death so he could lead the villains from behind the scenes and turn his grandson into a superhero.

  4. this series is a lot like the indy manga ore to hero to mahou shoujo only not as funny. Granted I dropped it quickly, but it didnt appeal to me.

  5. I’m very disappointed that this anime has became power rangers.I really enjoyed the anime up until this point.He is Samurai Flamenco!Not Flamen Red!I love power rangers but it just doesn’t seem to fit right in this anime.I’m still gonna watch it and hopefully this whole flamengers thing ends and he becomes a lone hero again.

    1. I don’t get why he’s happy with becoming a power ranger either. I thought he and his grandfather specifically wanted to become an individual hero…

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