Samurai Flamenco 12 — Doing Your Job


I can sympathize with this feeling. When you’re just being a superhero at night, without anyone knowing about it, it’s fun and exciting. But as soon as it becomes your job— it isn’t so fun anymore. You don’t do it because you want to, but because you have to. Sure, you’ll probably still enjoy it, but you won’t spend your free time doing it. You need to find a new hobby.

I had the same experience— in high school I was really into computer programming. In my spare time I would write programs. It was lots of fun.

Then I started studying computer science in college, and I never programmed in my free time anymore. I still enjoyed it to an extent, I just didn’t want to spend my free time doing what I was required to do all day. You don’t want to do it anymore just because the Man tells you to, even if you actually want to do what the Man tells you to. And that’s how I got into anime.


Masayoshi is having a similar crisis here. Now that being a hero is expected and required of him, it’s lost a lot of its luster. It doesn’t help that his coworkers don’t respect him much.

Further Thoughts

I like how Flamenco Girl is living out of Gotou’s closet. I can’t believe he puts up with her… Wonder what his girlfriend would think about this arrangement.

Also, it’s amusing how pink’s job is PR. Kind of sad. I don’t watch any of this super sentai stuff, but is that what pink usually ends up doing?


Makes sense. Not sure why they need someone whose entire job is to figure that out.


Oh my goodness this guy is the greatest.


The battle in this episode (and in the show in general) are odd in how initially the enemies seem so powerful but then they quickly turn to pathetic. For example, in today’s battle, pink is initially frozen and almost killed. Dangerous enemies! But later, the Flamengers are outnumbered six to one, are being beaten with swords which do no damage, and simply form a circle and massacre the enemies with pistols. Quite an abrupt about-face in power! I suppose this is a commentary on how things usually go down in super sentai shows (which again, I have no experience with).

Also, in the last screenshot, is that a Hatsune Miku they snuck in in the bottom left corner?

4 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco 12 — Doing Your Job

  1. Bottom right, I think. And omg I didn’t catch that the first time around. Gold.

    As someone who watched a lot of Power Rangers-esque stuff in the past, I can definitely say the circle scene at the end is a direct callback to exactly what you suspected. The camera angle is a bit newer though – a ton of shows did panning motions to hide the fact that none of the enemies were moving or fighting one-on-one, and only would do the overhead shot for the initial ring/retaliation. Keeping it there just to show how ridiculous it was absolutely killed me.

    1. Oops yeah that’s what I meant to say. 🙂

      Good to know about the circle scene! So it is a callback to that. Pretty funny even if I wasn’t sure of the roots of it.

  2. In super sentai show, Pink is the one who cheered for everybody, and gave them strength. She’s the only female member, most of the time. Black is the most honest and serious guy. While blue is the one who always aims for the leader’s position. Yeah. There’s nothing new here. Moving on.

    We have been trolled. The author of Samumenco is the biggest troll of 2013. I am lowering my score to 3/10, because I have consider the ‘troll’ factor, how he tricked me into watching this crap.

    1. I like it now much better than the first episode. He almost tricked me into not watching it, if he tricked me into anything.

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