Samurai Flamenco 13 – 15 — Twists and Turns

It’s a very different experience watching three episodes in one sitting than watching from week to week. I went through an enormous swath of feelings regarding Samurai Flamenco in the past three episodes.

In episode 13, I was pretty bored. It’s filled with discussions of contingency plans and angsting over whether to reveal the truth and who to bring to the emergency shelter. I spent the entire episode just waiting for it to end.

The first half of episode 14 also pissed me off, but for different reasons. Masayoshi reveals the impending invasion at the end of the previous episode, and the prime minister is pissed at him. The citizens are in a panic. So Masayoshi issues a video instructing them what to do.


Normally this would be fine. But half the video is an apology, and the other half is telling everyone not to panic. “Hey, everyone, aliens are about to invade and kill all of you, but don’t panic!” Yeah that’s gonna help. And then the rest of the cast is acting like Masayoshi is a genius for coming up with this video. Ugh. It’s just so unbelievably stupid. Maybe it’s a parody of something? But I’m not sure what.

Fortunately, the second half of episode fourteen was bloody awesome. The superhero support squad comes out to fight together with the Flamengers. And then the best part: the heroes are not alone!


“But today, you can be a hero!” As mobs with baseball bats attack the defenseless monsters. Oh my goodness this moment was amazing.

Next we’re faced with the final boss: Masayoshi’s clone.



Ah ha ha ha this show is awesome everything is forgiven!

Now why does Masayoshi fight?



Ah hahaha! Masayoshi’s clone is the greatest! And then he blows himself up for no reason. This show is the best.


Then in Episode 15, the Flamengers become fugitives and the prime minister turns out to be the final(?) boss. He caused the alien invasion in order to increase his approval rating. But now the Flamengers are celebrities and hence threaten his position. Can’t wait to see where this is heading. This show has had plenty of ups and downs, but by now I’ve become convinced that I should keep the faith.

Further Thoughts


Wonder where he’s from… Best character since DAN EAGLEMAN. Immediately after he dodges a storm of bullets:


Riiight. And he runs around singing the Star Spangled Banner. Just like all true Americans. Interestingly, in the episode before we also have a bit of Japanese “nationalism”:


Probably more a parody of nationalism though.

Also, episode 15 has another brilliant bit of dialogue:


Already loving the new villain. Should have known he would be the final boss once he started bitch slapping everybody.

9 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco 13 – 15 — Twists and Turns

  1. Oh wow. WOW. This show has become so dumb. This shit is brilliant. I’ll keep watching this show through you, if that’s all right.

        1. What, why would anyone not watch Valvrave? Reading about ERU-ERUFU I can understand, but you are weird for not wanting to watch his excellent adventures.

  2. I haven’t watched the latest episode, but, his clone detonated himself, and prime minister is the villain?
    Zaku tried writing a trollish post, about how awesome the writer of Samumenco is, by doing these shits, but of course, I am in no way convinced.
    If writing this trainwreck makes you an outstanding writer, then I can become one too?
    Let’s make Red Axe the villain next!
    Let’s make Gotou’s girlfriend an evil computer AI who wants to brainwash all the young men out there!
    This anime is just a simple case of bad writing and foolishness.
    And I can’t stop facepalming.
    If that verb even exist.

    1. Meh, I think the anime’s more clever than it pretends to be. It does silly things like this because that’s what it’s required to do in the shows it’s parodying. Conversations like the one the main guy had with his clone reveal that the writers are quite aware of what they’re doing and how silly it all is.

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