Samurai Flamenco 16 — Relying on your Friends

Masayoshi meets a homeless man whom he saved that now saves him in return, and convinces him to rely on Gotoh. Rely on your friends, guys. If you won’t happily welcome your friends into your house when they’re wanted fugitives, then you’re a worthless friend. Nothing else to say.


I like these two guys’ reaction to the charges against Masayoshi. They don’t even need to think about whether it’s something he would ever do, they just immediately toss out the possibility that he’s clever enough to pull it off.


In parallel with Samurai Flamenco, Flamenco Girl finds her way back to her friends’ door. In her case she’s mad at them for rescuing her and making her look bad. Not exactly as inspirational as Masayoshi’s problems. Ok, so actually she’s a complete asshole. Of course they forgive her anyway and she ends up apologizing and they make up.


Well okay more like “make out.”

This episode took a step back in pacing to bring Flamenco Girl back into the picture and establish what Masayoshi lost. Where’s the show going from here? I haven’t the foggiest idea.

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