Sankarea — First Impression

This was surprisingly good.

I’ve read the manga version of Sankarea, but the thing is, it’s not all that good. It’s been decent enough to keep me reading, but nothing great. The animated version took the manga and improved on it significantly.

The animation quality is particularly notable. The characters’ motions are fluid, and attention is paid to the details.

The two lead characters also have a great chemistry with the way they tease each other. Now, they did the same thing in the manga, but since there’s more time in the animation version they’ve expanded on this. It was quite effective.

The only caveat is that the best part of the manga was the beginning. But considering how the animated version has improved on even that, I’m optimistic.

8 thoughts on “Sankarea — First Impression

  1. YES! Sankarea! Like you I have only read the manga so I was instantly excited to hear about it getting animated, but you are right they had some great animation with the characters.

    The best part for me Rea = Looks like saten from railgun! Sadly she was not voiced by Kanae Itou because the main guy is voiced by Ryohei Kimura aka Kodaka from Haganai…we almost had Sena and Kodaka pairing again xDD

    Anyway I want more! I really hope this series does well because I have high hopes for greatness…

    1. She does look like Saten, now that I think about it! A much better animated Saten, of course! I hope it can keep this up too.

  2. I will watch this too if only for the decent animation and the fanservice.

    I found it slightly unbelievable, though, that Rea instantly trusts a guy who tampers with a dead cat in an abandoned building in the middle of the night claiming to perform resurrection magic.

    I’ve also been wondering lately why school principal’s daughters are usually portraied as absurdly rich ojou-samas (it’s the same in Haganai and in some other shows). Being a school principal may be a nice job but I wouldn’t assume that it earns you a fortune. Or are schools in Japan like charities founded by some people who were rich already?

    1. Haha, yeah, the fact that she trusts this creepy guy is hard to believe. But eh, whatever. Sometimes you’ve just got to do something crazy.

      I have no idea how principal’s daughters are rich ojou-samas. Usually they’re principals at private schools, so I guess that earns them a bit more money… But I don’t think principals are all that well paid in general.

  3. I haven’t read the manga but the first episode showed some promises, I admit. But I am on the fence until I have watched at least few more episodes.

    1. I’m with Canne on this one – I’m on the fence. But I’m also pretty optimistic – there’s just a certain “something” about the first episode that has me really interested in seeing it out.

    2. Yeah, it could go either way from this point. It’s always hard to tell from the first episode alone.

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