SAO Fanfiction Featured in Ani-Divided Podcast


Yesterday, my SAO fanfiction (the first chapter) was given an excellent dramatic reading by Syy for the Ani-Divided live podcast. Check it out!

Hearing it read aloud is even better than reading it. Perhaps what this needs is an audiobook version… Thanks to Syy for reading the story and telling me about it! I apologize to those on the podcast for whom I ruined SAO, although I prefer to think of it as an improvement.

4 thoughts on “SAO Fanfiction Featured in Ani-Divided Podcast

    1. Lol. I’m not entirely surprised, that scene was pretty awful. I thought the violence was worse than the rape though, especially with how Kirito enjoys torturing the guy as much as physically possible, all while he is portrayed as being “heroic”. That’s not heroism, that’s torture.

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