Seikaisuru Kado — First Impressions

A magical cube of aliens arrives. They must be negotiated with. It will be win-win!

I liked the first two episodes of this, it definitely feels like a unique premise so far. As someone who does science though… its portrayal of science left much to be desired. Like how there are only two people in the entire country who know anything about science and are experts in both manufacturing techniques and alien negotations. Or how some middleman can make a a few introductions¬†and create a new $100 billion industry in a month in a field he knows nothing about. Keep deluding yourselves about your own importance, program managers. Not to mention the loli professor who runs around wearing a lab coat that doesn’t fit all the time.

But, setting my personal prejudices aside, I think it’s a promising premise and I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

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