Seikoku no Dragonar — First Impressions


Kids train at the school for dragons.

I like the idea of having these dragon partners. Dragons are cool. A bit of the implementation leaves much to be desired. Such as having flying dragons race against walking dragons. Doesn’t exactly seem fair.

The characters are pretty standard. There’s the friend who’s obsessed with girls. The tsundere princess. The perfect class president. But that said the combination of the characters and the setting left me wanting more. There’s also some war being fought against a country with magitech and a guy in a mask. Cool.


My biggest concern is the main character we haven’t met yet, the dragon. When I first saw her a few seconds into the OP I almost dropped the show. That single fang is always a sign of impending disaster.

While the first episode wasn’t anything great, it caught my interest enough that I’ll keep watching and give this show a chance. Hey, I sat through all of Dragon Crisis, watching this is a pleasure.

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