Sekai Seifuku 05 — RomCom Antics (With Gas Masks)


Somehow the gas mask makes everything so much better…

All in all, anΒ enormous improvement from last week’s episode. This was still not the most creative episode, but at least it made me laugh, unlike last week’s which was a chore to sit through. But still, this show is not standing out much at the moment.


So our female heroine is busy tripping over our male villain, catching him peeking in the girls’ locker room, and getting tentacle raped by an octopus. Pretty standard stuff. I think it’s the gas mask that makes it work. The contrast between what’s happening and what the characters are wearing is too much.


The best part is when the male in the gas mask says, “I didn’t do any of this for you!”, blushes, and runs off into the distance. What a tsundere.


And again, tentacle rape. Pretty sure the male squealed more than the female.


Finally, an excellent double twist at the end. A mask masking a mask. They had me fooled twice. Initially, it seemed completely obvious that Masked Purple was Unmasked Purple. The only thing that seemed unbelievable was that none of the characters realized this. Then they convinced me I was tricked and they were actually different people. And at the end they convinced me I was tricked again and they were actually the same person as I first suspected. This part was well done.

Still, there’s so much more this show could be doing right now. It could be an excellent critique of bureaucracy and government, a la Samurai Flamenco. It attempted to do this at the beginning of the episode, when Purple’s televised master told her she was wasting taxpayer money and then rewarded her friend for doing well with a single mochi. Not exactly biting satire. Alternatively, Sekai Seifuku could further explore its themes of conquest. How does our perspective change when we see things from the point of view of the conquered? What does the conqueror gain, in the end, from their conquest? How does seeing the world through the lens of conquerors and conquered devalue humans and human relationships?

But nah, let’s get some more tentacle rape and shit about feelings. I guess that’s fine, as long as they can keep it funny like this week’s episode.

4 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 05 — RomCom Antics (With Gas Masks)

  1. A mask under a mask!? MASK-CEPTION!!

    This was a hilarious episode even though I rolled my eyes that Asuta did not recognize that White Robin was Renge! I mean the voice and hair are a dead give away, but its cool I find this series to be really funny and Kate always steals the show.

    1. I honestly would have called this anime genius if they had not pulled the mask-under-a-mask thing. I mean, making it painfully obvious that Renge and White Robin are the same person, following the best tradition of the Paper Thin Disguise, and then actually subverting that after 5 episodes of foreshadowing? Brilliant. They had gold in their hands and let it go to waste.

      1. Yeah. Still, it was a few minutes of gold while I was tricked. πŸ™‚ The double whammy was funny as well, but the first one would have had more of an impact if it actually was a different person.

    2. Lol. Yeah, the MASK-CEPTION was great. Kate is funny, although I personally prefer the main character and his normal reactions to all the crazy things going on.

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