Sekai Seifuku 06 — Transfer Students


A pretty good episode this week. It made me laugh at least. The transfer student thing is way overused, but it actually worked because they did it halfway through the series, not at the beginning, and with a robot. And no one thinks anything of it. How the secret society and the justice league haven’t realized who each other are yet is beyond me.


Then we get goofy stuff like this dancing at a “secret” meeting the entire school is invited to with those masks that hide absolutely nothing.


It’s funny, but as I’m already well aware of, I fail at blogging comedies. Sorry. Should have gone with something crappy like Mahou Sensou instead. Okay maybe not that crappy.

2 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 06 — Transfer Students

  1. Am I the only one that feels like the message of this series is not somethig about conquering the world, but that every single human being (and robot) is stupid?
    (I actually like this series, its quite funny, but I think that its trying too hard. It should have been a serious series about a loli trying to conquer the world, that would be both interesting and funny).

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