Sekai Seifuku 09 — Kate Conquers Asuta’s Naked Body


It’s the hot spring episode! Just what everyone was waiting for. Kate and Asuta getting all close and cuddly without their clothes on.


But shockingly, this episode was actually pretty good. We finally have some progress on the idiocy front, as Purple realizes that Asuta and Blondie are actually her friends from school. Took her long enough. At least she isn’t so dense that she sees their faces and still doesn’t know who they are. I wouldn’t have been surprised though…


Romance begins to blossom as Asuta and Purple befriend each other behind their alter-ego facades. Part of what’s interesting about how the characters wear masks is that, even though they’re supposed to be hiding their true selves and pretending to be someone else, they actually act completely identically with or without the mask. The masks aren’t fooling anyone except the characters themselves. And the only reason they can fool each other with them is because they’re all idiots. But here, Blondie is different from the rest. In school she is someone who everyone looks up to, including Purple. But when they put their masks on, she is Purple’s subordinate and the roles are reversed. In this episode, Blondie claims that her self at school that Purple admires is actually just another mask.

Personally, I never really understood these self-identity issues. You are what you do. Of course you act differently in front of different people and in different situations. To act the same everywhere, to not “wear masks”, would be idiotic. Do people even have a “true self” in the first place? The entire concept seems like hogwash to me.


Mr. Pastries gets this episode’s best line. The other highlight were the old man and woman dueling each other over Kate’s bed.Talk about dense, married to each other for years and they still didn’t realize they were in opposing secret organizations.

Next week it looks like we’ll discover that the town is destroyed. Should be interesting, I actually have no idea where this is headed.

Also, did Yasu seem to know that girl from White Light at the end? Or was he just hitting on her…?

4 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 09 — Kate Conquers Asuta’s Naked Body

  1. Yasu was approached by White Falcon at the end of episode 8. He has Kate’s stuffed animal with him at the end of episode 9 when he pulls up alongside White Falcon. I’m assuming this is related to the town’s destruction at the end of the episode but I guess we’ll see.

    1. Ah! Thanks for explaining. I guess it’s still a bit unclear after the latest episode but we’ll probably find out this weekend.

  2. I also love how they pull out their disguises to unveil OTHER disguises under – which couldn’t have possibly been concealed by the previous ones. This show loves its masks so much now it’s a common occurrence for people to wear at least two of them, one on top of the other.

    Btw, looks like shit is about to get real. Hopefully not TOO real.

    1. Yes hahaha. I’m waiting for someone to wear three layers of masks at some point.

      And nah, it’s a show about a little girl with a stuffed animal, things can’t get TOO real.

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