Sekai Seifuku 11 — The Final Battle Nears


Poor stuffed animal. 🙁


So Asuka’s father has nearly completed his conquest of Japan.


And now, of course, he won’t allow any conquest to happen.

Those who plot world conquest are nothing but clowns. They have transcended good and evil. They are in a place where I will never go.

His words are probably intended as transparent doublespeak. But perhaps there’s some truth to them. Asuta’s father has certainly not transcended good and evil. He is most definitely evil. Also, Kate always plots world conquest. But has she ever really acted on her plot? I’m not convinced that she has. Asuta’s father doesn’t plot, he acts.

I’m tempted to say something about how Kate’s vision of what conquest is differs from Asuta’s dad’s. For Kate, conquest is more about overcoming your own internal fears and limitations. For example, her attempt to conquer milk. Asuta’s father, on the other hand, is more about subjugation. About conquering people, and making them obey you, whether they want to or not. Kate’s conquest also resulted in something similar when she conquered smoking. But even then, her intentions were never evil. Because she is still a child, and thinks like a child, she has transcended good and evil, as Asuta’s father says.


One interesting thing is that in a way, Kate has even conquered White Light. Even though her organization has been destroyed, she has still conquered smoking. Although Asuta’s father strives to destroy even that.

Further Thoughts


HNNNGGGH Renge you can steal my mask any time!


I’m not sure how she came to this conclusion… pretty sure that is not what happened.




2 thoughts on “Sekai Seifuku 11 — The Final Battle Nears

  1. I’ll just say that I’ve had an argument over at AnimeSuki with a guy who claimed that Renge’s “I guess I was rejected” came out of the realization that Asuta’s really in love with Kate – and rightfully so, being Kate “the main girl”.

    When I objected that Kate looking and acting like an 8 year old girl would make such a thing decidedly creepy, I was told that I need to “embrace anime more”.

    These are the times when I wish the anime fandom had a face so that I could smash it into a wall.

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