selector infected WIXOSS Review — F


Girls suffer pointlessly as much as possible so that they can achieve their dreams, such as making friends and fucking their brothers, the only way they know how, by winning at a magical card game.

This show is getting a sequel in the fall, and normally when that happens I wait to watch the second season before writing a review. But fuck this show. I’m not watching the second season. So I’ll write one now.


Essentially, this show is four hours of suffering. Pointless suffering. I mean seriously… they get their wish granted by magic if they win… and the girl’s wish is to MAKE FRIENDS??? Come on, are you an idiot? Make some friends by yourself you twat. Of course if they lose they can never make friends ever but that’s a risk you just have to take if you want to make friends. Oh and if you actually get your wish something even dumber with even more suffering happens but I won’t spoil that.

Then another of the main characters has the wish to go out with her brother. Good lord. And another character has this enormous guilt complex because she enjoys battling. What a bad girl, how dare you have fun playing a card game!!!

The entire show made me rage. And then it ends with a cliffhanger in the middle of an explosion during the final battle.

I hate this show.

  • Storytelling – F – Pulls stuff out of nowhere, seems written to make everyone, including the viewer, suffer as much as possible.
  • Voice – F – Endless pain.
  • Characters – D – If the characters didn’t exist solely so the writers could torture them they might not be too bad.
  • Attention Grab – D – Just wanted to get it all over with.
  • Production – C – Looks fine, has other issues.
  • Overall – F

Recommendations – Visit a psychiatric ward.

13 thoughts on “selector infected WIXOSS Review — F

  1. “What a bad girl, how dare you have fun playing a card game!!!”

    Given what all the other girls are putting on the line while she’s just playing for fun, I think it makes sense that she feel guilty about it.

    1. I know it makes sense, but when she says something about how she’s a horrible person for enjoying playing a card game it just sounds hilarious…

  2. “Come on, are you an idiot? Make some friends by yourself you twat”

    She kind of did

    “And then it ends with a cliffhanger in the middle of an explosion during the final battle”

    Pretty sure the battle’s over, I mean one of the combatants turned into a card.

    1. Exactly, she made friends, why didn’t she just think of doing that in the first place? So dumb.

      I thought the show ended with some giant light beams going off between the two of them.

  3. The funny thing is, they’re releasing the actual card game. I can’t begin to fathom the minds of the marketing geniuses: “we must advertise this card game… ok, let’s make a poor MADOKA MEETS YU-GI-OH ripoff-y show where everyone SUFFERS HORRIBLY because of it!”.

  4. Actually, the one that get a ‘happy end’ (or win at least by the end of the series) is the one that have fun playing the card game…
    Those that have other wishes beside playing the card found their end to be… Not what they desired…

    Thus the series kinda gives me message that “You only play card game! Why do you think things beside card game necessary!?”…
    But the card game is (almost) non-existence so the overall kinda hurt that ‘message’…
    Then again the story was finished before the card game rule finished so instead of having the anime to promote the card game, it was using the card game to become plot without turn the series in to an advertisement (at least that what they said)…

    I have other theory about what the story was all about, but I don’t think it would change people’s opinion (those who like will keep like it, those who don’t won’t watch 2nd season)…

    1. When I said ‘or win at least by the end of the series’ it actually should’ve ‘or get the win that close the series at least’…

    2. Yep, pretty much! All of them should have just had fun playing the card game and they wouldn’t need to have undergone all this pointless suffering.

    3. Yeah, let’s ignore the metaphysical questions, shattered world view, and tremendously high stakes that come with having a card game where the cards are talking, sentient beings and the winner gets a wish granted – let’s just HAVE FUN!

  5. I hate yuzuki the most. She is so naive and stupid that trying to pull an incest with her twin brother can lead to serious problems. On top of that, the LRIG are nothing more than demons that take over the body of the naive wish granter.

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