Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Review — A-


A knave and a knight go on a quest to save the world.

I love fantasy stories. And, let’s face it, most fantasy anime are crap. Which is why it’s so exciting to watch something like Bahamut with a character like Favaro who isn’t the typical Japanese hero lacking any confidence whatsoever. If you read a lot of western fantasy, a character like Favaro’s isn’t uncommon at all, but for anime it’s something fresh and exciting. It’s great to see someone who isn’t tied down and has this sense of freedom about him.


The show also has a great sense of humor. Especially everything surrounding Amina. That episode with the crab… still laughing just thinking about it. And then there was the episode with the zombie pirates vs. lizard pirates vs. crab… That was epic.

My only real complaint about Bahamut is that it was too short. They had this grand vision but much of it didn’t have time to go very far. For example, the whole substory with Jeanne d’Arc never seemed to go very far.

  • Storytelling – A – Fast-paced, detailed and imaginative world, great sense of humor.
  • Voice – A – Excellent quirky sense of humor, unique animation style.
  • Characters – A – No one gets left out. Even the minor demons and angels are brimming with personality.
  • Attention Grab – A – Always surprised when an episode ended.
  • Production – A – Love the animation style.
  • Overall – A-

Recommendations – Garo, Tweeny Witches, Break Blade

9 thoughts on “Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Review — A-

  1. I would agree. The series in itself has such an interesting world and how they build said word is very very well-made.

    Sometimes I tend to forget that this anime was just based on a very mediocre mobile card game.

  2. I really loved this series! More than just being a great fantasy-series, it was also really joyful and funny. It’s a bit of of a pity how the series started rushing things in the second half but I didn’t really have a problem with that. This series clearly had enough material to offer for a longer run.

    Hopefully a second season will be released one day.

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