Shingeki no Kyojin 03 — Potatoes


This was the obligatory training episode in which we take a step back, notch down the seriousness a bit, and lighten up. Honestly I thought it was unnecessary.


Still, this show’s execution is superb. They manage to make you feel excited, freaked out and pumped up about a guy being able to stand up. I’m impressed.

But I do not like where this seems to be headed with potatoe girl’s goofiness. Did we need to turn a good part of this show into a joke? What made it so cool and original before was how intense and serious it was all the time. The last thing I want is for this to turn into another shounen show, or Fullmetal Alchemist but with grappling hooks instead of alchemy.


Imouto continues to be the best thing this show has to offer. Poor girl, her brother is trying to gain his independece.


Of course she completely misinterprets him. It’s great.

But what I’m most impressed about, after all this time, is that anime is capable of portraying a non-sexualized brother / sister relationship. That’s pathetic.

10 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin 03 — Potatoes

  1. She didn´t misinterprest, it´s a phrase you should take in the context and in relation to the character. Basicaly, Mikasa is saying ” now that we don´t have to be separated [with me being the superior one and in another level of working capacity], he´s relieved “.

    1. Ooooh. I had assumed she meant physically separated. But that interpretation makes her seem much more reasonable.

  2. It’s official, I absolutely hate Mikasa. I know she won’t, but I really want her to get killed off. I don’t understand why you like her so much, every scene she’s in just brings the show down with how annoying she is. She’s like a more stoic version of Kirino fro Oreimo.

    1. How is she like Kirino? The only way I see them being the same is that they both like their brother a lot. But Mikasa a) is not interested in him sexually (I hope), b) is not a tsundere, c) does not have an obnoxious voice, and d) is going to kick some giant ass.

  3. Yeah, the excessive humor and lack of horrific deaths this episode was a bit disconcerting… but now I can look forward to seeing Potato Girl beat giants to death with her balls of steel.

    Something that took me out of the episode even more than the humor was Mikasa’s new look. She went from looking the same age as her “brother” to looking like she’s ten years older. And now we have all these peripheral characters who will either get killed right off next time the giants show up or will start hogging screen time. I still have no idea where exactly this show is going.

    1. Yeah, the excessive humor and lack of horrific deaths this episode was a bit disconcerting…

      Ahahaha the way you phrase it makes it sound so wrong, but this is exactly how I felt! Potato girl killing giants will be pretty epic I guess.

      I found Mikasa’s new look disconcerting as well. He still looks like a kid, but she certainly does not.

  4. Eren and Mikasa aren’t blood related, more like step siblings so if anything does happen the moralf*** can shut it.
    Also Mikasa >a 1,000 other girls > kirino(f**kin tsundere)

    1. Yes Mikasa is the best. I’d still prefer for them not to get together but eh, as far as incest goes it’s not that bad.

  5. “But what I’m most impressed about, after all this time, is that anime is capable of portraying a non-sexualized brother / sister relationship.” And on top of that, Misaka actually looks like a young adult. In any other show I guess they would have left her look like in ep’s 1 and 2!

    A few things I didn’t get: The lazy guys seem to aspire not to join Recon Corps but Military Police. How come they are in the same training group? As future military police they are not going to become Titan fodder so the Sergeant’s comments don’t apply to them in the first place. Also, I wonder if humans are actually capable of killing Titans at all w/ their current technology. If they are they should be able to get rid of all of them b/c humans far outnumber the Titans.

    1. She does look like a young adult! Why doesn’t Eren though? He still looks like a kid.

      The best fighters get the honor of joining the military police. So you have to work hard now to get the privilege of being lazy later.

      It seems like the humans outnumber the Titans, but it costs a fair number of humans to take down a Titan. Plus the humans don’t seem to be very interested in actually fighting back.

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