Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Review — F


A princess enters into an abusive marriage with a King she’s nearly old enough to have given birth to.

I don’t understand how anyone could possibly consider a show like this romantic. Incest is fucked up, but I could at least imagine how someone could potentially be attracted to their sibling. But the relationship in this show? No, I cannot understand it at all.

First of all it’s an arranged marriage. Second the kid is half her age. And finally, he hits her and threatens to throw in her prison and is generally a little brat. It’s completely incomprehensible to me how anyone could consider this romantic.


And the girl is happy about this and always smiling and cheerful. What in the world are we teaching our children? Shows like this probably contribute to why so many people remain in abusive relationships.

Setting the relationship aside (and it’s a big aside, since it’s the main subject of the show) Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is just plain boring. Knocked me right out. Most of the humor is people making faces. The characters and their voice acting comes across as extremely flat. In fact the entire show is like that. There’s just nothing that manages to pique my interest.

I shouldn’t be too harsh though, since I think the target audience is little girls. It certainly shows. But even so, what in the world are we teaching our children…

  • Storytelling – F – Flat and dull.
  • Voice – F – Unoriginal and vapid.
  • Characters – F – Only the main two have much of a personality at all, and they’re pretty boring.
  • Attention Grab – F – Zzzz….
  • Production – D – Voice acting is emotionless, animation lacking.
  • Overall – F

Recommendations – If you’re a little girl who liked this show (I hope such a person doesn’t actually exist) you should go talk to some actual boys, they’re more interesting than your imaginary shota prince.

8 thoughts on “Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Review — F

  1. itsatendaraaaaaaain

    Also what’s with all the Fs? You in a foul mood or something? The show ain’t that bad. I mean, I’ll never finish it probably but it doesn’t strike me as F material.

    1. I was in a foul mood. I’d just watched selector infected WIXOSS after all. 🙂

      Now that I slept for a night, maybe I’d give it a D-… It’s a tossup either way though so I’ll leave it. Could go either on the low end of shows I’ve previously rated a D- or the high end of shows I’ve previously rated an F.

  2. This is a terrible review because it’s emotionally charged, blinkered, and doesn’t address the show’s substance to any significant degree.

  3. Its not a good Anime, but not deserving of an F. In its category it would be an C (even though I prefer rating it 0/100 points to be more accurate)
    And old enough to birthed him? You do realize that they only have 2 years age difference, do you? (she – 17, him – 15) Shady to say it here but every other Anime that has the same or even bigger age difference you leave uncommented…)

    I’m not found of the relationship, since they have 0 chemistry with each other, but i stumbled on just a handful of Anime-couples that had it, which is pretty sad, not forgetting that this Anime is supposed to happen in the past(different world thou) and both are Prince/King/Princess in their own Land, which just like in this time is all about arranged marriage. and ‘tries’ to be more than just romance
    (Why are you so salty against arranged marriage? or is it just for this Anime? If both agree that is fine, it still happens. Not in 3rd world but, modern western country’s. In Japan they pay companies to do just that)

    From the get go its being said that she is just there because of her… special magic powers. A mere “thing” to be used, and him handling her as he did wasn’t that far fetched with all the rumors about him being an evil king (which he still is)
    The relationship of them was to fast paced, or maybe not since they don’t tell how much time actually passed.
    Had this been more darker/adult oriented, they would have told about other marriage candidates before her being executed, because they dared to act like she did and the only reason she was thrown into prison was that her value was a bit higher cause of her ability (she says its sacred, but then uses it all the time no matter what. that pissed me off)

    About the hitting… when does he hit her? Maybe its because it has been some times since I watched it, but I don’t remember him hitting her. But she is thrown into jail, which wasn’t a surprise (wouldn’t have fit in with the saying, when she wouldn’t have gotten a punishment. House arrest/grounded was my first thought when she was “rude” to him (beheading if it were RL and her country not strong/unimportant))

    At the end, what a d*** saying, expecting the (probably) young girls to be all delusional, saying they should go out and talk to RL boys, and again not saying anything close to that in other Animes (mostly male oriented ones)
    Its fiction. every person who is delusional needs help

    PS: Sry for my bad English! Any Errors that are found can be kept! =D

    1. Wait what that little kid is 15 years old? Seriously? I thought he was like 7.

      I don’t remember the details about this anymore, but the kid sent her to prison and was just generally a dick to her. And then she falls in love with him and there’s the implication this abusive relationship is supposed to be romantic. It’s the work itself which I have an issue with, not people who like it.

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