Space Bros 03 — Broccoli

This is the second time they’ve pulled this trick (the first was the old man’s bald head transforming into the moon) but it gets me every time. Such a neat, simple and effective trick with the animation.

This show continues to have some of the best comedy of the season as well. I was laughing for much of the episode (Mutta’s competitive nature combined with his spirit of self-defeat is quite amusing) but this was one of my favorite scenes:

Again, we have an interesting trick in the presentation, with how they show Mutta’s face in the helmet and then shift to the stars of space in the background.

This episode was mostly buildup, but they have plenty of time to devote to that with such a long series. And it is solid. Mutta and his fellow astronauts keep getting more and more fleshed out. The romance angle is succeeding as well. The popular opinion seems to be that girls go with men who remind them of their fathers.

Finally, it’s been well established at this point that Mutta is a pervert.

One thought on “Space Bros 03 — Broccoli

  1. I at least learned that it’s apparently incredibly embarrassing and/or life-traumatizing if you or anyone you know decides to stand close to a display of an astronaut suit.

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