Space Bros 05 — See America Right

Mutta and Hibito bond, we see more of their brotherly rivalry, and Mutta continues to pay an abnormal attention to detail. Moving on, how was Space Brothers’ portrayal of Houston? (note: I’m originally from Texas, although not Houston)

[ACCURATE] People live in the suburbs.
[INACCURATE] People in the suburbs ride their bike to work.
[INACCURATE] This is supposed to be Texas. Where are the pickup trucks?
[INACCURATE]  What is up with the sidewalk? The left one ends randomly, and the right one is part of the road. If America’s good at anything, it’s building sidewalks.
[INACCURATE]  Trees in Texas are not this big and leafy.

[INACCURATE]  “No Onion Dog You”? No. Just no. Go directly to jail, do not pass Go. Pay $200.
[INACCURATE]  Hot dogs are a popular food in Texas? Hell no. Why would anyone eat a hot dog when they can have a sausage, Texas barbecue style?

[INACCURATE] People eat hot dogs with lettuce. I guess Mutta’s not an American, so we can forgive him. Maybe some people would do this, but I sure wouldn’t… In Texas we have choice words for people who eat vegetables with their meat.

[ACCURATE] Old people are extremely friendly.
[INACCURATE] Old people are extraordinarily polite, with Japanese mannerisms.

[INACCURATE] This lady wasn’t even introduced yet, she only showed up in the preview, but I can already tell that this is going to be awful. 

20 thoughts on “Space Bros 05 — See America Right

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! You might still want to watch Space Bros though to understand what I’m talking about.

  1. Hahaha. Looks like you’ll have some fun of the painful kind next episode. I’ve never ever been to Texas, but that does not look or feel like Texas AFAIK.

    1. You should come to Texas and eat some barbecue. It’s delicious. It isn’t too bad though, Houston definitely has a lot of suburbs. Most of them are built in swamps though, they didn’t really capture that part.

  2. Haha japanese representation of english is always funny .. the best part was the letter and while the anal mutta catches the error in johnson what about the more obvious frideg ?

    1. Oh yeah, I didn’t even mention that haha. I’m grateful that they aren’t attempting to have the characters speak in English at least. If they did that I probably wouldn’t even bother trying, it would be utterly hopeless.

      1. Not sure if you’ve watched it but giant killing has some of the best foreign language voice acting that i’ve seen in anime.

        1. I have, it was pretty good. Very impressive. I’m not sure why they can’t do that more often. I mean, how hard is it to find someone who speaks English? I would do it for free.

  3. I would totally eat at a stand called No Onion Dog You. It’s even shaped lot a giant hot dog… with lettuce! XD
    I hope the series will continue to be in America, so you can keep doing these posts.

    1. I would think about eating there just so I could ask discretely about the dumb name, but if I saw lettuce in the hot dog that the building was made of I would run away. I guess this is inspired by the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, but they totally screwed it up with the lettuce. I hope they stick around in America for a while too…

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