Spring 2013 Anime Preview

I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea how next season’s new shows will turn out. So I don’t do any research whatsoever. I just look at this chart, read the summary, and look at the preview image. Your guess is as good as mine. Enjoy: (click to enlarge)

Spring 2013 Anime Chart v2

Some brief comments:

Obviously Nyaruko S2 is going to be great. I’m also anticipating this Suisei no Gargantia, which sounds like a nice, original sci-fi story by production IG. That could never go wrong (*cough cough* Guilty Crown *cough cough*).

Aku no Hana is a great manga, but it’s being adapted by Zexcs. Nothing good has ever come out of Zexcs. Likewise, Devil Survivor 2 was a great game, but I can’t really see it carrying over to anime well. I hope they prove me wrong.

Brains Base is doing a love comedy with a pretty generic setup, but I have a lot of confidence in them at the moment.

Then we have a story about a boy who loves to cut girls’ hair. This sounds so retarded I can only hope it’s going to be good (note: the show where the characters are blood types is even more retarded, but it’s beyond the point where it could possibly be good).

There are a few comedies which I basically have no idea how they’ll go. We’ll see on the first episode. I think this data processing club one sounds interesting though. And I have high hopes for the fantasy comedy done by White Fox.

We have an excellent lineup in movies next season. I actually did a tiny bit of research on this “Aura” movie, and it turns out it’s about a chuuni. Chuunis have never let me down yet. Then, of course, we have the Steins; Gate and the new Makoto Shinkai movies, which I expect to be good. St. Onii-san is supposedly excellent. Normally I would be hyped for the Higurashi movie but Kira happened.

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      1. Hentai Ouji’s source material has been highly praised for being a really solid fanservice comedy, so that’ll be great if you like that kind of comedy.

        DD Hokuto no Ken will be entertaining if you’re a Hokuto no Ken fan like myself.

        Arata Kangatari has potential to be a solid action series, or at least the very least it’ll have nice artwork and animation to accompany the fight scenes.

        Not much information about Asian Risshiden is available, but an anime I that tackles Japanese corporate culture just sounds too interesting to pass; especially if it ends up pointing out all the problems with that aspect of Japanese society.

        And even though it’s apparently an ONA, Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku is a Lucky☆Star spin-off so it’s bound to be good.

        1. Excellent, thanks. I’ll look forward to Hentai Ouji then— still not sure if the rest will be my kind of things. I’ll at least check out the first episodes though.

  1. Is Girls und Panzer really that good? I honestly have no clue since I haven’t watched it yet…all I know is that they referenced World of Tanks and my friend was Skype flooding me with that reference.

    Hey, don’t diss on Crime Edge! I liked the art. Hopefully it carries on to the anime. If they play the lighting right on one of the scenes…

    …I knew I recognized the artist of Aku no Hana. Need to read it now. She also did Boku wa Mari no Naka, which also has a weird premise.

    Nyaruko and Railgun should be nice.


    No hate, but I can see the digiboy post now.

    1. Yep Girls und Panzer is good! I won’t say it’s the greatest thing ever like some people (*cough cough* kevo) but it’s solidly entertaining.

      I think Crime Edge could be good too. With a premise that silly I can only assume they know what they’re doing.

      Yeah I can see that post too (although I unsubscribed after all his posts turned into MLP).

    1. I’m not sure. I assumed it would just be the occasional episode like it has been up to this point. If I remember correctly it’s appeared on the charts for a while now. I’ll probably watch it once it finishes too.

      1. Yamato 2199 will be a weekly show starting April 7th from episode one. They did say they were going to show the episodes in the theaters first, on BD second, and on TV last.

        Well, it is TV time now that the show is over half done in the theaters and BD. The TV run will catch up to the theater run by Fall and I assume they will end together.

        The preview for Chapter 5 just came out and the word is that this series should not be missed.

  2. I’m going to be watching MLP because I want to see how they handle the American-centric puns in many of the names.

    And is Nyaruko really that good because I feel like I dismissed it for just another harem anime that tries to be original?

    1. I’m not going to watch MLP since I’ve never seen the original version. If I ever do decide to watch it, I’d go with that version.

      Nyaruko is just another harem anime that tries to be original, but it’s mainly just a comedy which is actually pretty funny.

  3. Thanks for the preview and the kind mention, Draggle!

    I will certainly watch Railgun S as I am a big fan of the original series. Shingeki no Kyoujin and Kuromajou-san are set, as well.

    Apart from that, there are many series which look promising or which I will give at least a try. Just to pick out some you mentioned:

    I’m not bothered that much about Zexcs doing Aku no Hana. The story seems quite promising. Zexcs have been doing Sukitte ii na yo recently and it looked ok. With a bigger budget it even would have looked good, I guess.

    Otona Joshi most likely won’t be an action-packed adventure but I prefer some counterbalance in my anime diet. It seems to me there are less and less series which are more than plain dumb. So I’m watching virtually everything josei if production quality is ok.

    I’m sceptical about Gargantia, though. It seems to me more fantasy than sci-fi. GC and SAO were wastes of good budgets for mediocre series if you ask me. I’ll give Gargantia a try but I doubt it will be much better.

    1. Someone else pointed out that Aku no Hana is being directed by the director of DMC, so now I’m a lot more confident in this too. That director has experience showing things that are disgustingly wrong and still making it enjoyable to watch.

      For Otona Joshi, it could be ok, but I’m mainly worried because the premise just sounds so utterly generic. “Stories for women.” That could basically be anything.

      The thing that makes me optimistic about Gargantia is that it’s apparently set in a world that’s peaceful. So it sounds like it’s not going to be standard adventure fare like SAO and GC. If IG screws it up, they probably won’t screw it up in exactly the same way as those two shows.

    1. Because it’s dragonball. Just not my thing. I watched the occasional out of context episode at friends’ houses in my childhood, but that’s it.

  4. I’m set with Shingeki no Kyoujin. Great stuff.
    I heard good things about Aku no Hana, so I might give that a try as well.

  5. Nice chart there Draggle, I am looking forward to all the mecha stuffs minus Majestic Prince…those character designs scare me! Other than all the interesting giant robot anime in the spring I can’t wait for more Nyaruko and of course I am so damn hype for Railgun S <3

    1. Yeah, I have doubts that a show called “Majestic Prince” will be good. Otherwise mecha are awesome though.

  6. Suisei no Gargantia is also being written by Urobuchi Gen.
    Most excited for that one, Valvrave, and Attack on Titan. I’ll also be watching Nyaruko! Woo!

    1. Sweet. It’ll be interesting seeing a show by him that doesn’t look like it’s set up for everybody to die.

  7. Shima Kosaku seems to be really famous in Japan. The idea of mature, business-themed anime is quite interesting. I hope it doesn’t end up boring.

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