Spring 2014 Anime Preview

As usual, I did no research whatsoever. Click to view the full size image.


Basically, next season looks AMAZING. We have JoJo’s part three. We have Ping Pong, which I heard is supposed to be good. We have at least FOUR AWESOME LOOKING MECHA SHOWS. We have FOUR FANTASY SHOWS that sound promising. We have three crazy game / assassination shows. We have Date A Live II. And the premise for Ishuukan Friends sounds pretty cool.

Judging solely from the premises and individual images, this is going to be the best season we’ve had in years. Please don’t let me be immediately proven wrong.

I cropped off the OVAs and movies since the image was especially huge this year. Highlights:

  • NouCome OVA! Sweet!
  • Final Gundam Unicorn Episode! Awesome!
  • Girls und Panzer Special Episode! Yay!
  • Chuunibyou special episode. Not bad.
  • Tamako Love Story movie. Should be good.
  • Sora no Otoshimono Final movie! Yee-hah!

5 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Anime Preview

  1. I looking forward to mushishi, it is decent enough and not school related in any way. I swear that’s like 90% of anime these days

    1. Yeah. I could never finish the first season of Mushishi, although I tried like 5 times. It mainly bothers me how the main character is so aloof and apart from everything, and it’s like he’s looking down on everyone from above.

  2. got to hell pretty rhythm. I’m sick of the combination of dancing, ice skating and singing as well as fashion.

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