Spring 2014 — First Impressions

Ongoing Series: Hunter X Hunter, Nisekoi, Nobunaga da Foo, Saki, Tonari no Seki-kun

Shorts: Don’t know, don’t care.

35. Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro

34. Atelier Escha and Logy
Mixing stuff in a cauldron while being insufferably nice to each other. Zzzzzzzz.

33. La Corda d’Oro Blue Sky

32. Kamigami no Asobi
More bishies. At least these ones have flying unicorns.

31. Majin Bone
I’m not five years old.

30. Soul Eater Not!
… Why…?

29. Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to
Hahaha underwear hahaha. Hilarious!

28. M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane
Ugly, rushed, and I don’t care.

27. Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka
Cute girls do nothing in a cafe. Zzzzz.

26. Blade and Soul
Basically Queen’s Blade but they don’t understand the proper form of prayer.

25. Baby Steps
Not bad, but sports anime just knock me right out.

24. Haikyuu
Was actually quite good. But I have no interest in sports.

23. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii
Started out promising, but converging to a dull shota / innocent shoujo romance.

22. Seikoku no Dragonar
Nothing that makes it stand out.

21. Mekakucity Actors
Another show gets the SHAFT.

20. Love Live S2
The longer this continues, the less I care.

19. Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara
Ugly and not all that funny.

18. selector infected WIXOSS
Stupid teenagers and their stupid feelings.

17. Black Bullet
Crying over the oppression of loli pokemons.

16. Brynhildr in the Darkness
I started out hopeful, but the more I watch, the more stupid I realize this is.

15. No Game No Life
The main character is an asshole.

14. Date A Live II
Date! Date! Date! Tohka is getting on my nerves.

13. Mahouka
Magic school. The portrayal of discrimination sucks, but the magic stuff is okay.

12. Mushishi S2
Intellectually, in theory, it’s pretty good. In practice I can’t bring myself to watch it.

11. Akuma no Riddle
Lesbian assassins? I’ll take that. Too much feelings though.

ryuugajou_nanana_01_1 ryuugajou_nanana_01_2

10. Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
Not sure why I should care yet.

moku_wa_mina_ga_kawaisou_01_2 moku_wa_mina_ga_kawaisou_01_1

9. Bokura wa Minna ga Kawaisou
The high school romance anime of the season. But the smart girl should win! I like it.

hitsugi_no_chaika_01_1 hitsugi_no_chaika_01_2

8. Hitsugi no Chaika
Great fight scenes, but the main character is an annoying loli.

fuun_ishin_dai_shogun_01_2 fuun_ishin_dai_shogun

7. Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun
You can make quality perverted anime even without any money.

ping_pong_01_2 ping_pong_01_1

6. Ping Pong
Fluid animation, great characterizations.

jojo_stardust_crusaders_01_1 jojo_stardust_crusaders_01_2

5. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

daimidaler_01_1 daimidaler_01_2

4. Daimidalercaptain
Perverted penguins with frontal tails.

one_week_friends_01_3 one_week_friends_01_1

3. One Week Friends
A slice of life type show about friendship that is actually good! It helps that there is an actual conflict, like in Kokoro Connect.

captain_earth_01_1 captain_earth_01_2

2. Captain Earth
Another Bones mecha series? Just what I wanted.

knights_of_sidonia_01_1 knights_of_sidonia_01_2

1. Knights of Sidonia
One of the darkest sci-fi series we’ve seen in a while. What Titans should have been.

At the moment, I’m quite happy with the top nine, fairly happy with up to number sixteen, might keep watching up to 23, and think the rest are hopeless. This is a pretty great season from my perspective, with tons of sci-fi and fantasy.

2 thoughts on “Spring 2014 — First Impressions

  1. The season is almost over, but I managed to catch up w/ a few shows. And I must say, this season kind of rekindled my interest in anime! I agree that Sidonia is #1 – I don’t appreciate the computer-generated animation but the atmosphere and plot development is awesome! I also love Mushishi II. For some reason Akuma no Riddle turned out to be another favourite. Hashiri Nio is the most awesome character I’ve seen in a while. I can’t wait for the final episode!

    Apart from these I watch Brynnhildr as an Elfen Lied fan, even though it’s not that good, indeed. I also follow Soul Eater Not, which I find quite entertaining and enjoyable, Ping Pong and One Week Friends. Hopefully I’ll manage to finish these before next season starts!

    1. Still need to watch Sidonia, since I’ve fallen so far behind. Same with One Week Friends. I decided to drop Ping Pong. Sports and Yuasa are just not my cup of tea.

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