Spring 2022 — Seasonal Impressions

Sequels: AMAIM, Ascendance of a Bookworm, Black Rock Shooter, Build Divide, Date A Live, Demon Girl Next Door, Kaguya-sama, Kingdom, Komi Can’t Communicate, Love Live, Magia Record, Science Fell in Love so I Tried to Prove It, Shield Hero

25. Estab-Life Great Escape
CG action thing. Did not seem like the next Tesla Note.

24. Love All Play
Sports. And not a particularly good sports anime either. Heck no.

23. RPG Real Estate
No way in hell am I watching this. You can tell from any random screenshot.

22. Don’t Hurt Me, My Healer!
I don’t understand. How is this supposed to be funny?

21. Miss Shaciku and the Little Baby Ghost
I fell asleep so fast for this… The art style is nice though.

20. In The Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki
Has the unique distinction of failing the Bechdel test without having a single male character. Also I’m not a pedophile.

19. Skeleton Knight in Another World
This show featured a rape scene before you could even finish reading the content warning. Really y’all?

18. Tomodachi Game
Really I just have no patience for nasty and mean shows like this anymore.

17. Heroines Run the Show
Gender-swapped idolmaster. Seems fine if you’re into that but I have zero interest.

16. Fanfare of Adolescene
Seems fine. Also about sports though, so I am not watching it.

15. Ao Ashi
Sports. Ewww.

14. Healer Girls
I feel like this will probably end up being a typical idol show and I will get bored by the end… But the first episode was great. I especially loved the sung parts. Wish they would just sing the whole thing. It helped that the music wasn’t complete garbage like most idol music, just inoffensively bland. But yeah, there really is no point to this story.

13. Dance Dance Danseur
Not watching this since it’s sports but this did seem like the most interesting sports show of the season.

12. The Dawn of the Witch
Seems like typical fantasy shit, but this is my shit. I hate the character designs though.

11. The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody
Nothing special but I did find the main character acting like a creepy stalker somewhat amusing. The second episode was much more boring.

10. Summertime Rendering
Off to a good start! Reminds me of Higurashi. I started this manga and enjoyed it but never got very far for some reason. I remember it was pretty good though.

9. I’m Quitting Heroing
I found this manga decently amusing. Nothing amazing but solidly amusing.

8. Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
A girl is very quiet. Seemed kind of cute… First episode was kind of boring, but it has really picked up after that.

7. Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness
Oh no, this is really cute. I was scared he might marry his daughter since this is anime but that looks increasingly unlikely by the latest episode.

6. The Executioner and Her Way of Life
Very well made! I was worried this would be a dark show about a mass murderer but it seems to have lightened up a bit.

5. Shikimori is Not Just a Cutie
This was also super well made. I do hope she figures out that being good at stuff is way cuter than feigned helplessness though… Like why is this even a conflict?

4. Love After World Domination
This was so cute!!! Hope the rest can live up to a great start.

3. Birdie Wing
Oh no. I am terrified to report that after Tribes Nine I liked an anime about golf, the only sport that is worse than baseball.

2. Ya Boy Kongming!
WTF. Why is this any good?!!!

1. Spy X Family
It’s so good. Even to the extent it lives up to the amazing manga.

?. A Couple of Cuckoos
Still hasn’t aired but I’m going to be travelling for a while so figured I should just publish. Anyway this is by the Yamada and Seven Witch guy, the manga is amazing, just 100% nuts so I’m really looking forward to this.

What did you all think of this season’s anime? Anything good I’m missing out on?

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