Star Driver 17

Ok, so apparently everyone and their second cousin is doing beach episodes today. Well, Star Driver managed to make it less painful than Onii-chan, but it was still disappointing especially since I had higher expectations for this show. At least it was only a third of the episode instead of the entire thing. Wako’s sand burial, her friend’s delusions and the volleyball match were mildly amusing, so it might not have felt as horrible if I hadn’t watched that other beach episode right before.

Because now I'm above you.

We’re introduced to two new characters from the Adult Bank. I thought that the Adult Bank sounded like the name of a prostitution ring and it seems like I may have been right. But really, so far we know absolutely nothing about these characters except that they appear to be lesbians. This made for a rather lackluster battle since Takuto’s opponent this week was someone who had made no impact whatsoever. Hopefully the creators will do more to flesh these characters out in the coming weeks as they have done so far with the rest of the side characters.

Head pulled off a coup de etat in the Hiraboshi this week, but aside from that it didn’t really seem like much happened. I suppose the first half at the beach was intended as comic relief of sorts after the intensity of last weeks episode, but still, they could have at least taken the opportunity to better introduce the new characters.

But Sugata’s appearance in zero time in pajamas did help to redeem the episode in the end.

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