Star Driver 21

This episode was all about crazy lesbians, Wako’s wildly raging libido, and Head’s shriveling libido. Decent, but not one of the best episodes. The main reason is I still can’t take these lesbians seriously at all. This episode gave one of them a bit more background, but their introduction up until this point has left them where they don’t seem like a threat at all. It also didn’t help that the additional background consisted of upgrading them from aimlessly crazy lesbians to crazy lesbians who want power for the sake of wanting power. I love crazy characters as much as the next person (and lesbians get bonus points) but couldn’t they at least come up with a decent reason why they’re crazy? For crazy characters to be believable, their actions have to make sense within the confines of their own mind. Star Driver’s resident crazies seem to be choosing actions uniformly at random (it did improve a bit in this episode, but I’m still confused from the previous ones). Fortunately it seems like they’re leaving soon.

We’re in the uncanny valley now.

Also Wako finally begins to unleash her libido and utterly destroy everyone. Why is the Hiraboshi worried about Takuto when Wako could destroy them so easily? Takuto’s libido is nothing compared to hers. I thought for sure that she would kill the driver without any worries, especially after the knife scene earlier, but it was only a downgrade to v. 3.0. This is why upgrades need to be thoroughly tested before deployment.

I’ve been wondering for a while, who is the drama club president (Sarina Endou) and what does she have to do with everything? She knows about the Maidens and zero time, but I haven’t actually noticed her showing up during the fights. Maybe she is somehow central to the mystery – perhaps serving to maintain a final seal on zero time, or part of the thing which is being sealed. Since she is pretty much the only character being overlooked to this extent, it seems like there must be a reason and that she will get her turn in the spotlight…


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