Strange+ Review — D+


A group of detectives make fools of themselves.

A short that I managed to actually finish watching! I know, I know, hold your applause. This reminded me of Milky Holmes, as it had a very fast-paced, silly style of humor. Each episode went in unexpected directions and was unpredictable.


The problem is, it does what you don’t expect, but this isn’t really all that funny most of the time. The unexpected directions Milky Holmes take always leave you laughing, and tend to ultimately have a point, even if it’s a depressing one. In Strange+, it’s often just randomness for the sake of randomness, and feels ultimately pointless.

  • Storytelling – D – Varied stories, told quickly, random humor.
  • Voice – B – It is unique, I’ll give it that.
  • Characters – F – Couldn’t name a single one. But it’s three minutes long.
  • Attention Grab – C – If anything, goes too fast, and I get lost.
  • Production – D – Cheap, as you’d expected from a short.
  • Overall – D+

Recommendations – Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Galaxy Angel, Nichijou

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