Suisei no Gargantia 02 — Eating Corpses


My favorite scene so far. This show’s doing great at showing how different their respective cultures are. One lives on the sea, and one lives in the sea of space. It’s interesting that we’re getting a similar cultural exchange at the moment with Hataraku Maou-sama as well.


It was also a pretty cool battle scene. It all looks so pretty. I do wonder where this show is going though, seeing how nothing on this planet is going to pose any kind of threat to this mecha. I see three possibilities:

  1. Bring in more powerful enemies from space.
  2. Have the robot damaged somehow so that it can’t be used.
  3. Avoid violent conflict.

Based on what we’ve seen so far I think (3) is unlikely, although that could be cool. You need some sort of conflict to keep it interesting, or else this would become Aria which would be terrible. I’m hesitant to see enemies from space come, since I’m not sure how the earthlings would stand any sort of chance against them. If the aliens ever do find Earth, the Earthlings will have more to fear from their fellow humans than from the space monsters.Β The option of damaging the robot has some promise, but the robot is awesome so I hope he sticks around.


My main concern with the series at the moment is that I’m not sold on Amy. She’s like a genkified Ghibli heroine without any of the modesty or nuance. Also I feel like this show is trying to ship Amy and the pilot together, but I can’t see this working as they are.


She is a wonderful girl though, if solely by virtue of properly appreciating robots. Finally someone in anime is impressed by a robot’s intelligence rather than by its big guns or by its pilot! Truly a girl after my own heart.

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  1. This show seems to be the most interesting one that isn’t an adaptation this season, though there aren’t much to choose from. I am excited to explore this new Earth, similar to when I first saw Last Exile.

    I don’t think powerful enemies will come from space. The planet has been left alone for who knows how long, and it doesn’t seem the aliens would pursue a random soldier. There might be some revelation which places Red not only on Earth, but at a different era as well. I don’t mind seeing some Planet of the Apes surprise here.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if this were in a different time period either. That’s what I thought originally, although they seem to be suggesting otherwise. Can’t believe there isn’t any land on the entire planet… that would be kind of a boring place to live in my opinion.

  2. Whenever I see Suisei no Gargantia, (mind you I like this show and I was looking forward to it for months), it was like Full Metal Panic on Space. Then crashlanded into the sea. Probably because of the characters, and how it’s set up, a guy that had no knowledge besides being in the military his whole life suddenly thrust into a world so alien and foreign to him, and the genki girl whom he connects with. (?)

    But I can tell it will drift away from its basic premise, and create something different from Full Metal Panic, so I’ll have faith in this. Though so far it was good. Very good.

    1. Yeah this does has a similar setup to Full Metal Panic, but I don’t think the pilot here is as comically incompetent at non-military stuff as Sagura is. At least it doesn’t seem that way so far. Where is FMP S4? πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    2. For me, this anime reminds me most of is the game series Zone of Enders, mainly for two key reasons:

      1) the beam attacks chamber uses looks like the homing lasers used by Jehuty.

      2) In the game Jehuty far outclasses any of the other mechs, save Anubis, in the same way that chamber far outclasses any of the mecha on earth.

      3) Both the protagonists in ZOE 2 and the anime have white hair (ok, maybe I’m reaching a bit for this one!)

        1. It’s a ps2 game series made by Hideo Kojima. It is available in a collection pack for ps3 and 360, however, the collection suffers from some framerate issues due to the jump from ps2 to current gen. Of the game series, ZOE 2 is much better, with a more polished combat system and overall better story; ZOE felt more like a rehash of the original gundam storyline.

          The series also has some ventures in anime with a prequel to the original ZOE called Zone of the Enders 2167 Idolo (an oav which was quite good in my opinion) and a full 24 episode series Zone of the Enders: Dolores i (not sure how good it is as I have never watched it)

          Finally, here’s a link to show you a bit of how fast paced and frantic combat can be in the game:

          Let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll answer them as best as possible!

          1. Addendum: In my opinion, ZOE is totally worth checking out, especially the games. I personally found the oav Idolo to be quite engaging in the same spirit as universal century Gundam series. So definitely check it out!!!

  3. We know he can’t just keep using Chamber. The more he uses it the more he eats up into the energy reserves and theres no mothership to refuel and perform maintenance. The technological level of Earth is way too low so I doubt they’d be able to do anything to help once Chamber gets low on power or damaged.

    1. Maybe, maybe not. From what I gather he’s already been in cold sleep inside Chamber for years. It seems pretty capable of self-reliance.

    1. I’m pretty sure she’ll end up with someone, probably the main guy (is he red?). Everyone loves pairings.

  4. I’ve been a bit hesitant to start watching this but it is quite captivating. The animation quality and level of detail are almost on KyoAni levels, I’d say! And the first two episodes were very well directed, not one dull moment.

    Most interesting scenario for me would be if Ledo’s camp camp were to discover that earth is inhabitable once again and would start to colonize the place, trying to displace Amy’s people. For the time being, though, it doesn’t look like earth would have much value as a colony. Looks like all ice (including polar ice) has completely melted and humans are forced to live permanently on swimming vessels. Also, as I understand the sky is clouded (like after a nuclear war) and Amy’s people have to rely on galactic currents for energy. Under such circumstances earth could hardly provide for a sizeable population.

    1. Having Ledo’s friends rediscover the Earth would certainly be an interesting scenario. I imagine they would attempt to take it over, draw from it beyond its limits, and ruin the planet again for everyone.

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