Suisei no Gargantia 13 — Go to Hell, Tin Can


Chambers… so cool. Excellent finale.


Although Amy continues to be completely useless until the bitter end.


The other robot offers people freedom from the responsibility of freedom and making decisions.


But Ledo has always thought and made decisions. That’s what it means to be human.

Although the cult members also made decisions. I guess they were just the “wrong” decisions. Although many of them likely had, in practice, little choice in coming to these decisions. Does that make them any less human? I probably shouldn’t think about this too hard.


Although the world is saved, without Chamber in it, it feels much vaster and emptier.


As an aside, in Urobuchi’s works the ultimate evil is typically not a person but a system. In PSYCHO PASS it was the Sibyl system, in Fate / Zero it was the Holy Grail War, in Madoka it was the system of magical girls, and in Gargantia it’s the system that Ledo grew up in and that the other robot tried to create on Earth. This is similar to the idea of the principalities and powers in Christian theology.

10 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia 13 — Go to Hell, Tin Can

    1. Yes, although it’s a bit more nuanced than that. The systems humans have created (in biblical language, the principalities and the powers) are not necessarily evil, but they are fallen (like everything else in the world) and are ultimately subject to death. Too much dedication to these systems can turn into idolatry. If you’re interested look up Walter Wink’s work.

      1. I guess she was the first to approach Ledo and welcome him into her civilization. She also happens to have a little brother who also opened Ledo’s eyes and question where he came from (such as other children disappearing all of a sudden).

  1. “Although the world is saved, without Chamber in it, it feels much vaster and emptier.” Ha ha, so true!

    “and in Gargantia it’s the system that Ledo grew up in and that the other robot tried to create on Earth.” I think even though it’s the same system there is a difference: In the world where Ledo grew up the system may have been essential for humanity’s survival. On earth it is just severely misguided.
    Is the stalker robot taking over control some kind of singularity?

    1. Yep. Although who knows if it is actually necessary in space either? The implication seems to be that if the humans hadn’t aggressively waged war on the Hideauze the system wouldn’t have been necessary. Hard to say given the limited background we have though.

  2. Great, they survived a little battle. But what about the ongoing fights between huge armadas in space? Sooner or later they or the space squids will find Pochantus’s planet, and the deus ex machina of destruction won’t be enough to protect humanity from mindless Fascists, despotic robots, and cults who were shown to not be capable of rationality. No robot, no beam rail gun, and you’ve spent the ammo for the mass driver, with No means to escape into space either. This time Humanity will be screwed.

    1. Goodbye humanity. If the space hordes find them though, I don’t imagine one robot, gun or mass driver is going to be much help.

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