Sukitte Ii na Yo — First Impression

Again, I’m not a fan of shoujo romances. This wasn’t all bad, but I do have a few major concerns:

  1. The lead male. All he’s missing is the sparkles, this guys the perfect man.
  2. The girl. Not the same tired “doesn’t have any friends” story again… But it’s made even more dumb by…
  3. The backstory. She doesn’t have any friends because she accidentally killed a rabbit ten years ago. Um… seriously?
  4. The romance. It’s love at first sight. I hate stories like this.

9 thoughts on “Sukitte Ii na Yo — First Impression

  1. These are all completely valid complaints, if not for the execution itself being solid, I would have felt more bored by the same tired ideas. All the same, like you said it wasn’t that bad for what it is. Oh well, not many shoujo manage to be spectacular. There is something to be said for experimentation.

  2. Draggly you bully, she did NOT kill the rabbit!!!!

    You will already have guessed that I love this series so far. One word on the male lead, though: Sure he’s this typical Mister Perfect but I think for a shoujo male lead he’s not bad. I mean in KnT the guy was naive and clueless to the point of a mental defect; the male lead in Tonari is a lunatic; the guy in Kamisama hajimemashita is a narcisstic fox god. From what I can tell after two eps the male lead here seems to be on the nice side but not without flaws, so it’s more realistic than many other series I’d say.

    1. I’m sorry! Guess I zoned out for a bit. But seriously, who cares about the rabbit? It was ten years ago…

      The male lead is more realistic, that’s for sure, but this isn’t exactly a high standard we’re judging by. I can’t really say he seems that interesting.

  3. First off he’s mister perfect on the outside
    Second off she doesn’t have any friends because the only people should could call friends betrays her when it fit them most and so she came to see “Friends” as people who only use you when they need you and throw you away when its convenient to them.
    Its not love at first sight for mei, sorta for the male lead but it develops as it goes.

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