Super Lovers — First Impressions


A man meets his adopted younger brother and they live together in the Canadian wilderness.


It was pretty good, except I’m sure it’s going to turn into gay shotacon incest. Which I will probably pass on. Even if there’s a timeskip like I hear it’s still creepy as fuck. And no, the fact that they’re not related by blood does not make it any better.

This show had a hilarious portrayal of Canada. First of all, the roads look like this:


Lolwut. Also their house in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies looks like a suburban Japanese home. They have a porch the whole way around the house, and an outdoor parking space underneath the house on the first floor. It just looks ridiculous… Also, they play with a pack of wolves. They call them dogs but they’re definitely wolves. Just the typical Canadian life… Also, the Canadians refer to themselves as Americans.

3 thoughts on “Super Lovers — First Impressions

  1. that…actually sounds intriguing. It’s been a while since Japan tried their hand at Canadian culture. The last time that I remembered was lumber jack gundam from G gundam; and Ginban Kaledescope.

  2. Where’s the maple syrup? As a resident of the land of maple syrup, I demand representation of our sustenance. This is an outrage!

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